Wednesday, June 04, 2008

just checking...

i couldn't really remember what i had last posted. so i dropped by to check. oh ok, land rovers, got it. in the spirit of thinking, here's two thoughts i had today. other than that, well stay tuned for my update in like 70 years or something.

thought #1
there's an empty wine glass on the coffee table. i specifically remember this being a table for coffee. where did that conversation break down? somewhere between here and the kitchen? that's a pretty small space for some shit like that man.

thought #2
why yes, these are new shoes. yep, new balance. what's that? yes, it is an apt name. the heal is a lot higher than my other tennis shoes. im learning to balance allthefuckover again, and that's truth in marketing so thanks for asking.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thought #2 (rev1)
New Balance may be hip again, but if you want shoes that leave you off balance, check out the weird shoes marketed as "the anti-shoe" from MBT.

The sole is curved so even when your standing still you apparently have to work your ass off (literally) not to fall over.

6:43 AM  

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