Sunday, December 21, 2003

don't call it a comeback

alright faithful, im back. i know its been too too long since i have posted, but im doing it now. im sitting at the beginning of a hopefully not-too-depressing week of near solitude. yes, its christmas time.

amanda is out of town with her family, on a boat, headed for sunny tropical mexican shores. I am sitting in the newspaper office making phone calls, and surfing the web. im about to go back to my new apartment that im sharing with dmh to move some furniture around, and hang up some pictures on the walls. my cell phone is shut off because i can't pay my bill, which leaves me like a ship caught in the middle of the duldrums. im pretty much unreachable now. great.

anyway amanda gets back a week from today, im spending this week working and then christmas with my older sister and brother in law, and their extended family. weird. anyway i miss you all, especially my family and sycz. pretty much the same thing. anyway, gonna jet now. lates