Friday, August 25, 2006

i'm not like them, but i can pretend

im here in the office. i've been here since 6:30am. the power was out in the building last night, so i had to come in early and turn the servers back on once the power came back up before 7am. the email must go through!

i was standing on the balcony a few mintues ago watching los angeles wake up. there were velour swaddled breasts walking the newest picachoodles towards latteterias, stopping fleets of black luxurymobiles as breasts and collared cartoons crossed the street in unprotected sexwalks. i smoked and drank coffee from my ancient thermos lid. i am listening to nirvana unplugged. my shoes are spattered with paint, my pants rolled to my midshin, purple cardigan over a pirate shirt. i am still at home, somewhere other than this office, filled with thrice tousand dollars chairs. the 42in plasma arrives today. maybe sometime i can watch something on it in an ironic way. this is the perfect job for me right now.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

i had to check to see what day of the week it is

that's exactly how much i have going on right now. jack

but then again... there's always so much to say when i actually get around to posting, that i actually have no idea where to begin. anything worth telling, well isn't. so here are some super short briefs.

in regard to the burglary in january of our garage. woman plead guilty, four years in the state pen. crimnial financial judgement payble to me for a total of $21K.

amanda has a new job. she is the director of marketing for a manufacturing firm. we're still going to be super poor for a while, but the sweetness follows.

it's been four years

my boss has been on vacation for a while now. i have still been working on stuff, but nothing really that i have to leave the house for. it will be nice to get back out there in a couple weeks.

5) summer really is my least favorite time of year. give me snow and rain and falling leaves. then give me tiny growing green things in the spring. none of this present hotness. at least it's not 100

sometimes, especially since i have just been at home, with amanda now working, i feel like i weigh a thousand pounds. i don't really eat anything, i don't have cash to spend, i feel empty. i try to work on art stuff, but i don't really feel like i have anything to say right now. i've read a lot of books. i've watched a lot of movies. pretty exciting.

i guess im kinda down.

Friday, August 04, 2006

you can always go... downtown

sitting in the office waiting for the furniture to be delivered. isn't that what we're all doing, waiting to be delivered? maybe it will happen for all of us, sometime between 2 & 6pm!
maust/the billionaire
anyway, thought i would give all you kids an update on our good friends CWK. Pitchfork is reporting that Cold War Kids have signed with Downtown records, home to Gnarls Barkley, Art Brut and Eagles of Death Metal. I talked to maust this morning, and he confirms that though they haven't laid down that last sweet ink yet, the deal is done. Pitchfork actually got it straight from the band, so nothing strange going on here. congrats to them one and all!

Hospital Beds.mp3

also of note recently is some footage from the movie that amanda worked on with tim cahill. working title is "the oates pageant trilogy". though post production has yet to wrap, you can see some select clips in montage on cinematographer David Rom's reel. look for ryan patterson as the drill sergeant (you'll see his back and long hair breifly in the clip).

amanda had a second interview for a marketing position yesterday. it seems to be going really well, but please pray that she will get this job. it's really important, especially considering she found out her contract wasn't renewed with LAUSD and she therefore doesn't actually have a teaching job anymore. we need this one!

anyway, back to sitting here and getting paid. stay tuned!