Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i have changed

space smokey

so it's been a really strange last couple of days. last week after we got back from sundance, i got really sick. Finally on friday i got in to see the doctor. 103 fever, hacking cough, night sweats, the works. the doc concluded i had a viral pneumonia infection in my lungs. So saturday morning amanda flew to dallas for work, and i spent the rest of the days, until today, home in bed. I'm back at work today, and some things have changed.

First off, the medicine that i am on really changes the way that things taste and smell. bottled water tastes like bad iced tea. the inside of my car smells like a hotel hallway (i just had it detailed!) and bread tastes like cardboard. So i haven't had any coffee since last week because it tastes bad. I tried to drink some this morning, but gave up.

I also quit smoking. my doctor told me i had to, so i did. I have bought two or three packs since i quit, and actually tried to keep smoking, but the cigarettes don't taste right anymore either. they tastes, like a wet dog. this is the worst medecine ever!!

however i am kind of excited to quit smoking, and maybe even knock off the coffee for a while too. I'm starting to feel almost normal again (sickness-wise). I would appreciate prayer for health and for being a quitter. I'll probably need your help. thanks in advance. oh and andy... i am still going to try and collect all of the back-cigarettes you still owe me. i think we're at about four cartons now. you can write me a cheque =)

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the oates' valor

the oates' valor

amanda and i got back from sundance on monday night. we had a really great time. im at work right now, so i can't really go into much detail for time reasons. above you will see one of the cards for the film, and if you click here you can check out 'the oates' valor' on the official sundance site. I haven't watched it on the web yet, but im pretty sure its the full version of the film.

i know there have been a couple of offers for buying rights, etc, but that's about as much as i know already. hopefully i'll get to upload all my photos to flickr and videos to youtube soon. hope you like the film.