Wednesday, January 29, 2003

out on a wire

man talk about stories to tell your grandkids! this guy right here was driving along in his jeep, ends up getting clipped by some other idiot driver, gets thrown from his flipping vehicle but manages to grab a set of power lines while flying through the air.....25ft off the gound. holy crap!! absolutely amazing. read the article!

in other news......uh its really early. at least i have coffee though. lately i haven't really been able to sleep through the night, but i think i am getting used to it. i can generally predict what times i will wake up, so i guess that's kind of weird. anybody have any experience with sleep stuff? let me know....mikey sycz cant sleep either...weird. so yeah help us out.

is it wierd that i like to wear my hair back like a mullet?
should i cut a real one?? ---->

Monday, January 27, 2003

another new morning

my life is new every morning, praise the lord. i get a new chance every day to start again, fresh and clean in the sight of my God and with another chance to face everything in my life with a prespective put right. im so thankful

did some fun stuff on this warm southern california winter weekend. On saturday, i went with a couple of friends and checked out the new Bill Viola exhibit at the getty. Viola is one of my favorite practicing video instillation artists. Creating wonderful works since the 1970's Viola is the leading man when it comes to relevant technologically based art. His show, entitled The Passion, will be showing at the getty until April 27th. You can read more about it on the getty site. I alos poked around and found a link to reserve a space to listen to Viola and the Curator of the Getty talk about his recent work coming up in february. space is super limited, so sign up if you want to check it out.

Last night instead of watching the stuper-bowl, amanda and i went and checked out 'adaptation'. Its an amazing film, and that's what i well leave it at so as not to spoil any plot for anyone. if you've got some time, you should check it out for sure.

alrighty, i should be updating this more regulary now that school has started again and i will be here at my desk more often.

what have you been up to? ---------->

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

hump day

well its wednesday, and here i am rockin more yearbook work, listening to NPR, and trying to figure out what i want to eat for my late lunch. im working registration this week in the morning before i come back to the office to check up on my staff. they are awesome.

registration is cool, but i miss working with our friend jeri who use to sit with me for hours and hours, stamping documents for people and singing musicals for hours. those were the good old days =)

in other fun stuff, im still excited about the art stuff i am working on, but i am keeping it a secret because its all leading up to my senior art show next semester. so make sure you check me out next spring in my frist, and certainly not last, gallery show. its going to be awesome

here are a list of things i really like: coffee, NRP, national geographic, relevent magazine, my hair growing longer, stang getz - joao gilberto - antonio carlos jobim (ala the girl from ipanema) the new painting hanging in my office, my beard, my girlfriend, lunch lunch lunch

ok im outa here
no one does this anymore-------->

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

back to basics

well im back from the mountains and on my way back to the city of angels today to reunite job. yeah well we can't have everything can we. i am actually looking forward to this semester and creating things and finishing another year worth of yearbook stuff. i am pretty excited about how it is shaping up.

i spent a fun four days with amanda's family at their cabin up by hume lake. once again i can see the overexagerations of californians at work. the place was really nice, but not anything to shake a stick at by oregon beauty standards. i had a ton of fun just hanging out and reading, playing jeopardy with amanda's dad (we split two games, haha i beat the Dr!), doing puzzles with her grandparents and reading lots of books. I did some good research for some art stuff i am working on right now. and then there was the eating. lots and lots of eating. no complaints here =)

so yeah i am cruising back down to LA today, and i hope the traffic isn't too bad. yeah right.
in other news, shout outs from me to the extremely limited number of people who read this thing. you're the guy!

ok let me know you're alive out there------------->

Monday, January 13, 2003

ah vacations...

well its the time of year for relaxing...kinda. with large yearbook deadlines looking and the world headed towards eminent doom, its sometimes hard to find the time for doing the things you really want to do. but fortunately this weekend and the coming one will be opportunities just for that.

i won two hundred dollars this weekend on 'lets make a deal'. it wasn't all that fun, because i sat there for ten hours waiting to go home, but i made the most of it. they love it when people dress up in costumes, but i wore my street clothes. how did i win two hundred dollars without dressing up? well i pretended to be french. i fooled the director and all of the producers, and i got to sit on the 'trading floor' the closest spot to all the action. so watch out on saturday nights on nbc during the month of march. you may see me with poofy hair, sporting sunglasses and yelling in a french accent =)

this next weekend amanda and i are heading up to her grandparents cabin to chill out in the snow with her family, shoot some photos of the ultra '50's modern furniture, and ride snowmobiles. i give you all the info that's fit to dish when i get back. in the meantime, its all about yearbook and work work work.

what are you up to? ------>

Friday, January 10, 2003

its all slipping by

yes folks please remember this is your one chance at life, and it is all slipping by. do something beautiful today, create something, love those around you dearly, and don't sweat the small stuff. please forgive me for slipping into my existential voice, but just wanted to send out a kindly reminder. you never know when something super drastic can change your life over night. it happens and i am proff of that, so enjoy your day.

anyway i am back into the swing of things around here. working in the office, getting the yearbook on the road once again. might go hit up the LA auto show today or something to check out all the concept cars. went to santa monica yesterday and got a cool book on modern architecture, good good stuff. after that amanda and i went to see 'catch me if you can'. i would rate this movie's opening typography sequence as the best i have ever seen, even better than that of 'enemy at the gate' of a few years ago. the sixties design feel is amazing. go see it just for this, and have the rest of the movie as icing on the cake. i highly recomend it.

anyway, you do anthing cool lately? ------>

Monday, January 06, 2003

flyin in on a DC-10 tonight...

well everybody, tonight is my last night out of the country. i am back in London town once again after a sweet five days in ireland. oh my heart is more green than ever. i can't wait to you all about it when i return to smoggy LA. at least it wont be as cloudy as when we were in Sligo, those folks still burn coal and peat for warmth! man oh man did it not feel good to breath there. anyway yeah i will back home on tuesday night and i will update with fun storeis sometime later in the week. until then...cheerio!

you know what to do-------->

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

dublin city

is beautiful this time of year =)
happy new year to all my friends all around the world
im back into my roots here in the emerald isle
ill be back in LA soon =)

tell me about your news years
i was in london!------------>