Friday, December 17, 2004

itchy without scratchy

why i can't ever get away, or allergic reactions

so, i don't think anyone but gloyd or smith know about this yet, aside from my wife, but i got poison oak again. where was i hiking you ask? nowhere. the only place that i can figure i caught this damnation from this time is my f*&%ing christmas tree. i am so super allergic to this stuff, that i only have to get near something that i has been near poison oak, and i break out. this stuff is spread by oils secreated by the leaves of the plant. the oils can even travel on smoke particles if the plant is burned, and i've gotten it this way too. i hate this stuff. but at least it got me out of working today. it's starting to it again though...

on having a beautiful, but stupid christmas tree

so i really like our awesome christmas tree [save for reason mentioned above]. it's a beautiful nine foot tall doug fir. amanda and i decorated it earlier this week with all sorts of cool ornaments. her parents even got us an awesome sterling silver locket-style one that has pictures us of from hawaii in it. very cool. i can't wait until next christmas when i have my ornaments from growing up and we can put mine on the tree too.

going back to school

so i was officially accepted back into the university, and pending financial aid, i'll be back to finish my degree next semester. im really looking forward to being done.

amanda had an interview

so amanda had an interview this week with biola, and they really want to give her a job. the one she applied for was already filled, but they liked her so much that they are submitting her resume to other departments trying to find her a place there. pray that she would get a good job there. it would be perfect for both of us on so many levels. we could even car pool to school/work.

my entire body is starting to itch, just thinking about being itchy

and finally

i've been playing a lot of GTA San Andreas lately over at the bayou. i really like shooting stuff and blowing up cars. i found this code that you can do to get a jet pack. i fly around and blow up the police until i get four or five stars, then they chase me with hellocopters and tanks. then i take my jet pack and fly to the top of a tall building to make my stand. the other night i shot down 10+ choppers (it's hard to keep track) i eventually ran out of RPG's, regular grenades, machine gun amo, assualt rifle amo, and was left with a worthless shot gun, a 9mm, a pool cue and a sniper rifle. so i did what i could. i actually took out one bird with just a single shot from the sniper rifle. it was pretty freakin sweet. thiking about it now makes me want to play again. im glad i dont have a PS2 here at home though, because i wouldn't ever find time for important things; like writing about GTA on my blog.


Thursday, December 09, 2004

i shouldn't have to leave the house, or how to find a tree stand

clark griswold

so i've got the christmas music going, if i had some stockings i would hang them above the black and decker space heater, and im drinking. this is the perfect recipe for christmas shopping online for a tree stand.

what's the deal here folks? i thought that you could find anything on the internets. i checked wallyworld, targe`t and hell on earth looking for a freakin stand for a tree. this shouldn't be this hard. i just want a typical tree stand, nothin fancy. i've found pictures of em, and you can see it here for yourself. i just want an old school stand for my first christmas being married.

since when can't you find just a normal stand? i don't want to spend two hours running around town in traffic looking at all the normal places trying to find an f-ing stand. then there's the whole "paying out the ass" for the tree thing.

growing up i never even thought about having to pay a ton of cash for a tree. we always bought a $5 permit from the forest service and got to cut down any damn tree we wanted. now im looking around down here and thinking that $30-$45 is a good price for a tree. this is crazy talk! and what i'll have to spend on a tree and a stand, i could use for other things, or an artificial tree. but i might as well start wearing clothes from hot topic if i am going to go fake for christmas.

i have to have the smell of a real tree, the chore of pouring water into the tree stand, getting poked by needles, and getting sap all over my hands. i miss having a nice doug fir in the house, and thinking about it now... i can almost hear my uncles burping from the couch, my mom complaining that no one ever helps with the dishes, my cousins crying, and the runbles from the wood stove.

i've got to get a real tree
or i just might go crazy

Wednesday, December 08, 2004



Bill Moyers thinks there's more going on than meets the eye with Environmental policies coming down from the republican controlled government. On receiving Harvard medical school's Global Environment Citizen Award{link}, Moyers asks if destruction of the environment isn't just good for big business, but if it's a self fulfilling prophecy of the apocalypse. Not just any old apocalypse, it's The Rapture.

After reading it, i thought it was a wonderfully posited point. i didn't even think that he was backhanded towards religion, though he has an understandably modern view of proofs etc. all in all it makes me go hmmmm in regards to the probabilty of the whole theory. not to mention that in light of our general (us on the porch etc) understanding of theology, the acceptence of the rapture is tenuous at best, and forcing it to come by invading iraq and destroying the environment kind of goes against the whole "thief in the night" bit. lets get with the virgins(not like that) and start trimming our wicks friends.

Monday, December 06, 2004

time is on my side... but it's running out

so im supposed to go back to school next semester to finish up and get my degree. i need amanda to have a new, much better paying job by that time. so far, nothing. we apply for things for her all the time, we've gone to apppleone trying to get them to help place her somewhere where she can use her english education. nothing. please please please pray that she will get a good job soon so that i can go back to school and finish. we both need this really badly.

most of my friends know that i am not really a worrier. I spent the majority of my childhood surrounded by crazy circumstances, and so nothing has ever really been that big of a deal to me. "oh no food to eat, ok, guess there's nothing we can do but work hard and pray".

everything always worked out somehow when i was growing up, and everything will work out now. amanda and i are just stressed, and needing some prayer and encouragement. so those of you who do that sort of thing, please do it.