Monday, November 22, 2004

a vision of a (possible) future

a dispatch from 2014 on the possible future of the blogonewsoshepere. check it out and post your thoughts. super interesting! (via mefi)

Friday, November 19, 2004

there's a light that never goes out


rockin out to the hits of yesterday this afternoon the queen is dead by the ever-missery-loving the smiths. good stuff. earlier on today i was listening to the who by numbers and enjoying the rock rock bangs of the moon man.

went to the bank, ate some samitches, wore holes that used to be jeans, and sent amanda off to work. i've got to go to work here in a few too. im not much into work. i would rather spend the day doing stuff like painting in our house, folding clothes, working on an old car, inventing wonderful things to please the soul, and listening to music. then of course there are coffee breaks and cigarettes, which can nearly go without mentioning.

i was reading some of my entries here from back in '02 today, and i could actually remember writting all of them. i am excited about looking back on all of these things in like ten years and remembering how things were. dude this smiths album is kicking my ass. "driving in your car/ i never ever want to go home/ because i haven't got one anymore/ take me out tonight..."

Thursday, November 18, 2004

free (not nude) pics

Here’s some of the pics from our wedding back in September. We finally got access to the online proofs, and I have a few minutes before I have to head off to the corporate coffee kiosk here in uptown whittier, so im throwing them up here for those of you who weren’t able to make it out to the islands.

Ira Lippke was our photographer, and he did a great job of snapping some nice shots of us tying the knot. So here ya go, some wedding goodness.

Here's amanda and i getting hitched.


Here we are leaving the gig.


here's us looking all cool and shit.


here's all the cool kids chilling at the reception.

cool kids

Here’s a cool pic of me, mausty and grant checkin out maust’s camera


there are nearly five hundred other pics, and i will post access to them later on once i have finished taking out the ones of us in our underwear and stuff. no one wants to see those anyway =)

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


the new new hotness

this is just a little sneak peak at the new new hotness that is to come when i unleash the fury of our rock and roll wedding on you.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

i'm a song from the sixties

so as of late i have been a little bit obessive in my desires to acquire ephmera from the 50's and 60's. over the last week i bought a mid-fifties zenith console stereo, and in my lust for making the damned thing work (especially to turntable!) i've bought a second zenith turntable and another entire console stereo from the late seventies that included a kenwood reciever and a garrard turntable. so that's three turntables, to consoles, and still no working record player. for what i've spent i could have bought a new, lower mid-range turntable that i could have been playing already (albiet that i would be lacking speakers).

im going crazy. the zenith console is freaking awesome, even though it isn't working right now. the thing powers up, and when i could actually tune something in on the radio, it bumped (two 10' subs and six tweeters). but there's a terribly loud hum most of the time, and especially when i power up the turntable. there's some sort of interference somewhere, and no pick up of the record spinning on the platter. to top it off, i tried re-splicing the rca's that connect to the deck, and that still didn't work. i would have just swithed out the entire rca cables, but the damned things are wired straight to the reciever end of things. my thinking is that is has to have something to do with the reciever. it's a weird size though and that bodes badly for dropping in another new unit to replace it... unless i can find one. all three of the turntables are old school and require power through the reciever through an old plug style hook up. this absolutely neccesitates an older reciever that will have this same kind of plug. the kenwood reciever in the other console is too big, and so far i have been able to power it up anyway, so that's out of the question.

the problem with this whole thing is that the zenith console is sweet, the speakers work fine (when there's no hum), and it looks freakin awesome. i've spent WAY too much money on this thing, meaning other more pressing bills aren't getting paid as quickly, and it's kind of a sticking point between amanda and i right now. she's not mad about me buying it, she's just upset that i am obsessing so much about getting the damned thing working (aka spending more money on top of what i've already spent).

the underlying issue is that i love this old stuff. i want to have tons and tons and tons of old stuff lying around, looking cool, and inspiring me to create cool stuff at the same time. but there's a lack of space, money and tollerance for old junk lying around all the time right now. we don't have the luxury of a shop or studio space, aside from our living room, and there's not a lot of money to spent on stuff, that however cool and great, is still just old, not-working, stuff.

i found one guy out in hesperia that does restoration on old radios and stuff, and he's fairly cheap at $25 an hour, but who knows if it will even get working anytime soon, let alone having to pay for the fix too. maybe i can sell him some of the other stuff to offset that. anyway pray for me guys. pray that i can listen to my vinyl soon, and not spend a bundle. i need to hear the sounds i grew up listening to with my mom again soon. im becoming to ocd not to have this resolved soon.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Well I got a new vest today. It’s a nice little number that I picked up at the CHOC thrift store (in Norwalk? I guess it depends on the side of the street… whatever). It’s blue and red, one color per side, and totally reversible. It’s pretty truck-driver/ rock and roll and im totally loving it. Nothing like a nice semi puffy vest to keep out the 60 degree chill of a whittier winter.

Things are going well here at home, and we’re mostly recovered from the last of our two wedding receptions. Saturday was really awesome, and fun was had by all, with a few notable m.i.a.’s from people who rsvp’d without showing up. Ryan patterson palyed a kick-ass set on the turntable/iPod set we put together in the backyard. The police even came. Awesome.

We should have the proofs of our wedding pics up on the net at some point this week. It was supposed to be today, but they’re not up yet. But as soon as they are, I will put the choicest of them up here on the unit for all of you to check out. We looked pretty good, as far as I can remember, so they should turn out pretty awesome. Anyway I’ll update as the news breaks.

In receptions news once again, thanks to everyone for all the awesome gifts and gift cards. We got almost everything on our list, and we’re really excited. We’ve still got some place settings to pick up, along with some silverware, but other than that there is very little that we weren’t blessed with. Thanks so much guys!!

In non-wedding related news, I might be getting a new job. I had an interview to be the manager at Melrose vintage here in uptown whittier, and boy would I love to do it. Sell some cool vintage clothes, listen to music, and get to dress in something other than the all-black goth stuff I have to wear to starbucks. Pray for me, I start a trial period at Melrose on Saturday. I think it would be awesome to nail this one, so your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Other than that stuff, im just chillin on the couch in my vest, listening to KCRW, eating green beans, and dreading every minute that takes me closed to going back to starbucks tonight to close. Man would I love to be able to be home when Amanda gets home from work at night. Pray that i get that new job. Word kids!!