Tuesday, July 26, 2005

no spoilers

it is finished

now it's just hurry up and wait for the last one. good read, worth it if you've read any of the other ones already. should be a kick ass movie. if you heard what i think you have heard [and you would know if you had] it's true. i guess that's kinda a spoiler. so i lied.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

the beauty of wood

doug fir

so i've been spending time every day for the last week watering matt and lisa's plants. it is a joy to me to water plants. generally i have gone to their place around 7:15am right after i have dropped amanda off at the train station. i have coffee, cigarettes, and a hose (2). my pants move to the gardening position: one fold which brings the hem of my cuf up to my knee which allows the water, should it hit me, to bounce onto my naked ankle. never wear socks while watering. i will dock you points for that. other things i will dock you points for:

flicking your cigarette ash at any length less than a quater inch, because you should be watching the plants damnit, not your cigarette.

splashing dirt/mud on ANYTHING. watering can be accomplished without dirt movement

watering in direct, mid-day sun. how would you like it if i covered your leaves in large sun-magnifying drops of water? i didn't think so

spending less than half an hour watering. (not applicable to small in-door assortment of house plants)

the thing is, i have been watering plants on a professional, and volunteer basis since the eighties. i started out watering my parents garden, in the nude (save for rubber boots), when i was two. this is why they continued to feed me. i earned my keep. as i grew i continued to water. the grass. the flowers. the sandbox (which i flooded to float my toy boats in). i was always with the hose. i love me some hose.

later, working for the city of cottage grove, i drew the coveted early morning watering duty. i would arrive at work before dawn, and fill the tank in the bed of my assigned truck with two hundred gallons of water, and a gallon of miracle grow too. my water was as beautifully blue as the mediterainian, or the adriatic. (the color is, in fact, nearly identical to the representation in the image!) i would drive the truck, orange light rotating, down the wrong side of the street, hence the early hours. i used a wand which i held out the window of the truck to water the flower beds and half whisky barrels of flowers that lined main street. i also watered all the trees reaching up through the sidewalk. i loved it. i got to water plants while drinking coffee. listening to the radio. driving, light blinky blinky, against traffic. i also got to leave work three hours earlier than everyone else because i was there so early. summer afternoons were mine.

i have had notions of having a tree farm later on in life. i dated a girl in high school who's father owned a large tree farm. doug fir, nobles, some pulp trees. their house, gently on a hill side, above a standing army of greentrees. she always smelled so good. i told her it must have been the trees. i also vaugely remember using puns that involved the words 'sappy', 'needles' and taking 'a bough'. i've docked myself points. i might be able to earn them back though if i do have a tree farm someday. if not, i plan on planting as many as i can wherever i end up.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

hi fidelity

being a regular at a record shop is really great. i sold some records the other day at amoeba and got much less than they were worth. but hey i needed the cash at that point. anyway, i was feeling kinda sad about it, but just a little because the stuff i sold were recent releases that i will be able to find again. i digress.

being a regular at a record shop is really great.

amanda and i had to put some letters in the mail tonight, so we walked to the post office. it was starting to cool off, and the walk was nice. wednesday nights they have the street fair during the summer in whittier, and we decided to walk around a little bit. i got an iced coffee and thought it might be fun to pop into the record shop and see if there was anything worth getting. im not going to tell you which one though because i don't want to get anyone in trouble. this will become clear, i promise.

being a regular, i know most of the kids that work there, and i used to give them free drinks whenever they came down to starbucks to buy coffee. this was a good way to make friends with them, and i knew it would eventually pay off. it's been at least six months or so since i quit starbucks, and they still hook me up with REALLY good deals on records. usually, they pretend i have a full punch card and give me ten dollars off, but tonight must have been a special evening.

amanda and i looked at a couple of nice records that were on the wall, and had them take them down for us to check out. a nice copy of Hwy. 61, and Never Mind The Bullocks. we thought about it for a minute, but decided against those and went to the racks in the back to check out the used vinyl. i was really hoping that they would hook us up a little, so i picked out almost every record that i liked and didn't already have that was worth actually having. they have pretty decent prices on used stuff, but my stack was getting really close to the fifty dollar mark because the records were all in really good shape, and original issue. i told amanda if they didn't give us a deal we could just put some of them back. the lord smiled upon us tonight though.

with tax the total, as far as i figured it was going to be about $56, and i ended up paying a grand total of $17 and some change. here at the records i got that i will be playing in the next couple of weeks with a sweet smile on my face, possibly dancing with my wife:

Miles Davis 'E.S.P.'
Miles Davis 'Quiet Nights'
CCR 'Green River'
CCR 'Cosmo's Factory'
CCR 'Bayou Country'
Simon & Garfunkel 'Wednesday Morning, 3am'
Donovan 'Donovan's Greatest Hits'
Echo & the Bunnymen 'Porcupine'
Bob Dylan 'New Morning'

Monday, July 11, 2005

it's all over now baby blue


man i have been listening to Them like crazy today. van morrison has one of the most amazing voices of all time. i might just put money on their version of 'it's all over now baby blue' being the greatest dylan cover of all time. i mean seriously, beck sampled their cover of this track. who samples a cover!!!1!1!

other than the small joys of listening to Them, there's not really much great stuff going. everyone is out of town. the mustang is parked because it's broken, and we're rolling to volvo psuedo-illegal style until we can get the registration taken care of later this week. an irish liscense plate should be good enough for this week right! also, since there's no stero in the wagon i've been rocking the ipod all hooked up to my old school speaker that i had in the gallery for my art show. it takes up the whole passenger seat, but at least it works. when im alone i usually just use headphones, but when amanda is in the car, i put the speaker in the backseat and belt it in. it's like our 50 year old sonic, metalic-box child. so cute!

i have orientation tomorrow for the conservation job at the hollywood athletic club. im really looking forward to making some money. that is going to come in REALLY handy! hopefully there's something more full time in my future after this contract job ends. i am applying for a couple of jobs a week. somethings gotta give.

anyway, i now this isn't an amazingly literary post, but i thought i would let you know what's going on with me. i sit at home. i read a magazine, i drink coffee all day, smoke some camels, and that's about it. i really should start packing up for our move. we're having a yard sale this coming weekend to get rid of extra stuff, even a bunch of furniture too. none of the really nice heywood wakefield stuff, just the metal stuff i picked up at california surplus warehouse three years ago or so. should sell pretty quickly. come check it out if you are in the area, you wont find deals like this on the internets!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


this message brought to you by my dashboard, the proud people of the ford motor company, and third gear in the transmission, who decided to pull a PLO stunt and blow itself up in traffic. to accept this award, i will drive the car to the mechanic, bend over, and wait for the statue, most likely shaped like my dreams being flushed down a toilet.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

home is where you hang your coat [of arms}

for sale

still not convinced about the outrageousness of the housing market here in los angeles? not really sweeting the enormous costs associated with buying a house here? well, here's a little comparison shopping. if only i had graduated on time, and had a decent job. who wouldn't want to finance me for this!

mexicans cut down my clover blues

overpowered by funk
funk out

so today was alright. mb helped me out by heading over to the gallery with me to assist with the removal of my art show. got the post show blues seeing it all come down. then i've been playing the fool waiting for my check from ever. no money in my hand yet, though it was promised for last friday. booo on you mofos.

then, after much sitting, headaching, and being to hungry and headached to eat, i drank a beer. the always helps. i wish i had 30 more when i realized that the gardeners cut down my clover that i have been cultivating in a flower bed by my front door. i went out and spoke to them when they arrived. i asked them not to use the weed-eater on the clover by the door. i also asked them not to blow dry leaves up against the volvo because it scratched it. nodding and smiling 'no problem man, no probalo...'. turns out they may know some funny strongbad slang, but they don't understand english. lots of fresh scratches on the wagon, no clover to be found. i watered that shit in front of your face garden man! i weeded that shit in your fucking face!!! anything i left should have been obviously wanted. i will learn terrible phrases to unleash on you that would make andy 'shit mouth' smith cringe!!!

there are four things which saved my day from passing into further funk:
my beautiful wife
my beautiful cup of coffee
my beautiful camels
sufjan's beautiful album 'illinois'

there are few bands that give me faith in things. cash is one of them, dylan and van morrison, a couple of others. tonight driving home, god reminded me via sufjan that people have souls. people that live in other places [like illinois] and people that live here. like my gardeners, like my meth-cooking upstairs neighbors, like the arabs who sell us the oil, like the president who goes to war, like every man women and child who dies. we've all got souls. maybe i need to have these headphones surgically attached to my head. and i guess while they are at it they could sew my mouth shut, so no one gets to hear my hate speech and racial epithets. overpowered by funk. folk out.