Thursday, July 27, 2006


thanks to all you kids who made it out to the show. pretty awesome for you guys to come all the way down to costa lottamesa this last friday night. amazing turnout. i don't have digital fingers yet, but here are some snaps i snagged from trine's myspace. (my co-curator)
danny and eric painting in foyer



we had a really good turnout. i bet like 200-250, or maybe that's how many beers i drank. YEAH RIGHT!

so another week, some more work. not too much going on with that whole thing. lots of sitting around waiting for people. DSL guy, furniture delivery guy, IT guy, you name it, i have waited. Been getting the tires on the SL55 fixed a lot though. turns out one of the wheels is cracked, thus a perpetually leaky tire. oh well. read quite a bit while i was waiting. maust and i have been reading the same book, so that's been fun to talk about with him over the phone while he's on tour.

amanda caught a ride home with her friend natalie back to bakersfield to chill with her parents this weekend. im flying solo until tomorrow night when grant redwine gets here. we're gonna chill supermax for the next three or four days. can't wait. anyway, hope to see most of you at the dodger game on saturday. please wear your shortest shorts!

oh crap! almost forgot to tell you i split my forehead open. bye!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

update...OPEN BAR!!!!!!!!!

At least one of you amazing people has to show up!



a group show featuring new work by

open bar for those 21+
live rock'n'roll courtesy of DELTA SPIRIT
live set by Dj MARTA SEVERALS

2971 Bristol St. Costa Mesa, Ca 92626
8p - 12a


Sunday, July 16, 2006

principal firebush

glory be to god muther F'ers!

our good friend Sam will be reprising his role as god, but this time not in a remixed trailer. (see below)

vader sessions

Saturday, July 15, 2006

oh yes, and while we're at it

some of you may remember the unfortunate event that befell amanda in back in january, namely the theft of thousands of dollars worth of material from our garage. well i have an update.

i received a call yesterday from the district attorney's office in regards to my case. i can't remember if i wrote about it, but they caught a woman after i recovered some of our property in an antique store here in whittier. she has been in jail since may or thereabouts. anyway, there was supposed to be a jury trial yesterday, and i was subpoenaed to be on call. They called to let me know that the defendant decided to plead out. She took full responsibility for the crime and will owe me full restitution for the value of my property. I have to appear before a judge on the seventh of august and account for the value of my items, and the judge will rule on how much i am owed based on the evidence i present to back up my claims of loss. the ammount will be levied against the guilty party and cannot be removed with bankruptcy. The only way to clear it is for her to pay me. The best part is the the state will serve as my collections agency. so i may not see any actual money out of this woman, but her life will be really shitty until it's cleared up.

no i just have to start putting together as much evidence of valuation of my items as possible. anyone know a good person to talk to as far as the value of my surf board? it was an early sixties hand-shaped velzy 8'2" with an all wood glassed-in fin, two inch balsa stringer and no dings. the kicker of it is that Velzy was shaping under a psudonym at the time because his entire opporation was shut down by the IRS for tax evasion. super rare "Pacific Coast Surfboards by Dale" big "V" logo and everything. drop me any ideas in the comment section!

new & the hotness


so lots of new stuff. new job, new tax bracket, new vinyl records spinning on the platter.

for those who i haven't already talked to, or aren't in the area, i got a new job as a personal assistant. i work for a man of great means, but much beyond that i can't tell you. i've signed non-disclosure documents. anyway, i will have my own office soon and you can all come visit me and be amazed. lots of sitting in amazing settings, getting paid really well to run errands and be smart. it's my dream job (half sarcasm). i still want to be an architech.

amanda and i will probably be moving out of whittier in september because commuting from here to the west-side sucks. east side for life fools! we looking forward to moving close to the kids in silverlake/echopark area and getting to hang out more. it will be great!

lots of new vinyl lateley. really excited about the richard swift im listening to right now (see sidebar). swift gave it to maust, and i am babysitting the LP for a couple of month until CWK gets back into town after touring. also picked up an original pressing of 'johhny cash with his hot & blue guitar' on Sun for $4... at a real record store no-less. these people need to research their used vinyl section a little bit harder. bunch of leonard cohen LPs, pogues, devendra banhart, neutral milk hotel etc. good time to be my ears!

amanda and i are both showing some new art this coming friday down in costa mesa. the show is "I AM FOR LEASE" and i am currating it with eric trine. there's going to be free vodka redbulls, the delta spirit is going to play and there will be sweet art on the walls. i'll post some pictures of the stuff we're both making once it's in the gallery, and i get someone with a digital camera to take some =)

not much else i feel like writing now. drew - i need your idaho phone number, the 310 number i have doesn't work anymore. brent - i would love to see you when you are in town. i will call you, leave me a comment and let me know when you are arriving.

on a blog related note, once i get into my new office in a couple of weeks, i anticipate having a lot more time to devote to writing. it will be a pleasure to be back at it again. here's to the future!