Wednesday, December 06, 2006

since im wirelessly connected today

i think i will update.

yeah, the connection has been pretty bad lately. aside from not being able to rely on our neighbors to unknowingly provide us with internet access, things have been pretty good.

found a job. im working at OTIS. as a knod to our friends up north in frigid idaho, i am the amanda hamilton of the OTIS fine arts office. It's a fun job. the faculty are top notch, and everyone is really nice.

we went to oregon for thanksgiving. that was fun, and awkward as family time can be sometimes. it doesn't even really feel like a family really. it's more like my sister, my grandma, and people i am compelled to spend time with. oh well. at least i got to experience some weather while we were there.

A. and i are thinking about a future quite a bit lately. i think i've decided to teach. maybe special ed, maybe not, who knows at this point. i have some classes to take, finish the degree, CSET etc, but i could proably have it done by the fall. who knows. i just feel like i am supposed to do it. something is working in the old ticker here. A. wants to pursue a different career path then marketing. we're hoping she can do that once i am a teacher, if that works out. that way if she wants to go to school full time, we could probably swing it. we're still trying to figure out our best options. probably going to be sticking around here in whittier for a while though, especially with the cost of rent going up so much all over LA. there are plans in the works to build a fence around our back patio area so that dog can run around and sleep otuside. that would be a nice thing. it will probably be the week after christmas, expecially with the inside info i have on the sweet new power tools coming my way from santa.

other than that, sick as a dog here in bed today. drinking cough syrup, water, trying to smoke less and figure out how to hang christmas lights without sweeting and shivering at the same time.

anyway, not much else i can think of right now. time for a nap!