Thursday, November 24, 2005

thanks really given

stuff on my cat

thanksgiving. giving thanks. thankfulness. thank. you.

im sitting home alone this year on my sister's birthday, which also happens to be thanksgiving. she was born on thanksgiving and her birthday and turkey day line up every five or six years. i left her a phone message. she hasn't called back yet, but neither has the guy from the apple store who wanted to give me a job either. he's why i stayed home by myself this weekend. i need a job. i wanted to be here if he called me in for an interview yesterday afternoon. that didn't happen either.

so i guess im thankful for this roof over my head right now, someplace to listen to my records while im waiting. im thankful amanda made the 4.5 hour drive safely to see her parents at the beach. im thankful i found enough change to buy cigarettes. im thankful i talked to my grandma on the phone for an hour today. im thankful i have tea and coffee enough to see me through the weekend with their friends the cigarettes. im thankful my diet of coffee, tea and cigarettes saves me money on food. im thankful i just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance. right...

anyway, the cat picture. these are the things that keep me sane when i am alone and tired of filling out job application pdf's. stuff on my cat. be thankful friend. give thanks. stack shit on your cat(s).

Monday, November 21, 2005

indie music on npr, who would have thought?

ray charles

so heard a kind of interesting piece on morning edition today, thought i would post about it so those that might not have caught it could check it out. nice bit about the history of independent music labels throughout the last forty years or so, up through now. great little ray charles section, along with ccr death cab et al. check it out here. oh yeah, you gotta have real player.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

roads? where we're going we don't need roads...

ok people, here's what you need to do. click here and sign the petition. what petition you ask? only a group of people like ourselves trying to get our friends in beaverton, nike, to put a pair of shoes into regular production. not just any shoes mind you, but the very shoes MJF wears in Back to the Future II.

sweet kicks

they are so sweet. so go there. sign it. it would be sooooo worht it.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

rumble strips

rumble strips

so i'm sure that mb caught this over on stereogum, but i just had to share it here because i like it so much. it's this band out of the uk called 'rumble strips' and this is the video for their first single 'motorcycle'. it's really great and you should check it out. you can click on the picture above, or get to the video through their site here.

i think it's a fun song, and the guys got a nice sound. they don't even have anything to buy until january, but you can bet when their store comes back online about 2am PST, im probably going to pre-order this 7". here's hoping you like 'em.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

wood floors are cool when it's 90 outside

blast this heat, i hate it. business's seem to think it's the holidays, why doesn't someone tell the weather this?

amanda started teaching this week. her class sucks. yeah, they are seventh graders, but they are a special breed of demonic seventh graders. she'll get through it, but she hates them so far. it's ok though, she just has to figure out the ways that they will break, and i am sure that she will. she's one of the meanest people i know when she wants to be.

me, im just at home applying for jobs, listening to music and trying to beat the heat and this cough i have at the same time. i'm officially the manager of jesse gloyd the musical. we're going to meet sometime this week and hash out how to make him a star. yes, i am serious.

also looking forward to a couple of great flicks opening up this week. got cash and harry potter coming out, so the weekend should look nice.

im also getting my act together to finish school next semester and finally be done with that business. im really looking forward to being done. the plan for now is to do the same program amanda is doing now, get my credential and then we'll leapfrog each other to gradschool until we're both finished with that. so there's the five year plan. i also still want to get my real estate license so i can move towards development at some point. i figure that's the closest i can come to being an achitect at this point. doing it the right way is on my list, but arcitect (seven years training) doesn't ever make it out of anyone's top five. so there's that. see ya