Thursday, February 27, 2003

let it be today!

im hoping that the yearbook will be done sometime today. i have to wait until both of my designers wake up from their naps to be certain of their progress last night, but hopefully we can wrap it up soon. it will be nice for all of us to be able to go to class, and do the work for those classes. so hopefully today

at least it is still raining around here, that's always really nice.

in sad news, Mr Rogers of PBS fame, passed away in his Pittsburg home last night, he was 74. It is a sad day for children and adults alike everywhere in this country. he will be missed.

have any of you guys heard about this prophescy for march 3rd? i think its a bunk of hooey, but i wanna know what you think. you know what to do------->

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

cold cold me

man oh man, most of the time i enjoy cooler temperatures. i love snow, rain and winter in all flavors, but i just can't seem to get warm at all this morning. i slept in a shirt and hospital scrubs last night, which i am usually too warm to wear, but i still woke up freezing this morning. i was apperently cold enough to wrap my arms around my chest while i was asleep, hard enough that i left hand prints on both my shoulders. Im wearing four layers this morning, and im still a bit chilly. what gives! Its not even really that cold outside!!! i feel like a candy ass.

in other chilling news, Europa, one of the myriad of Jupiter's moons and the place in our solar system most likely to harbor life outside of earth, has been the subject of a 'magic bullet' experiment, Scientists studying the effects of meteor imact have observed that electrical currents are created when a bullet (meteor) is fired through a block of ice (just like the surface of europa). Electricity is a key component in simple emino acid formation, the building blocks of life. read all about the good chances for life under Europa's frozen seas right here.

in other news, im still looking for a buyer for my mercedes. the thing needs a new battery, and its ready to hit the road in style. if you know anyone looking for a classic in the $3k range, send em my way

help keep this kid warm! ----->

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

pioneer is now just spirit

well , we've lost another milestone in space history. Pioneer 10 sent it last signal to earth during the final days of january, and is no longer in contact with scientists here on earth. The first man made object to leave the solar system, Pioneer 10 has now been surpassed in distance by Voyager 1 and 2. you can read all about deep space travel right here

yearbook isn't done yet, but im done, spent, tired, frazzled etc. should be a long week.

encouragement starts with you!---->

Monday, February 24, 2003

a dull ache

my weekend has become a never ending series of yearbook meetings, reworking our ill-fated concept. i don't want to talk too much about it, but we got shut down ala the former theater department. the provost put the axe to our anti-communism, pro-unified christianity message. im sick of the whole damn thing. i can't wait for the day when the old guard passes away. (not single people mind you, but an intollerant aspect of some generations over 40)

so in short we hve to completely reconcept the entire yearbook, while not changing the way it looks. its a pretty daunting task, but i think we will be able to finish it with strength. Today was the original deadline for the book, but its been pushed back until wednesday or thursday now. i sent my designers home to their own beds for only the second time in three weeks. they are troopers. just incase i need to clarify, the book is no longer titled 'we proletariat, we comardes'.

in other news, it was apperently going to rain pretty hard here today, but looking at the local forcast, it doesn't look like that is going to pan out. its too bad, i was really lookin forward to a wicked pissah. for updates on weather here, and in your local area, hook it up on the weather channel.

alright kiddies, who's your daddy------>

Friday, February 21, 2003

ohohoh i'm on fire

well it looks like america is hot right now, literally flaming. 60+ people killed, seeing great white play of all things. kinda fitting.... er i am sorry they died. now there is a huge fire blazing on staten island near NYC. part of me kinda hopes this is a terroist attack. it would harden this country's resolve to take further action. crude oil prices have already shot up more than a dollar a barrel, the fire only started an hour ago! we'll find out more as time goes on about who started this or whatever.

last night i went and saw and AWESOME show by The Sheep. they bill themselves as a psychadelic christian rock band, and boy oh boy are they ever. they are one of my favorite live shows in recent memory. they have such an amazing stage presence, the whole crowd gets involved with every song of the set. with a discography soon to be totaling 6 releases, it can sometimes be daunting to find your favorite tracks. i am a big fan of 'jesus loves ewe'. the two latest albums, 'star-crossed' and 'jesus loves ewe' are the strongest yet, and their forthcoming album is sure to be even stronger. you can check out their website and get a perfect feel for how it all plays out in real life. the cd cover art is done by the lead singer's mom. ladies and gentlemen, as they would say, "we deserve to go to hell." The Sheep

rock me ------>

Wednesday, February 19, 2003


yes, it wll all soon be over with. on monday, february 24, the yearbook will be on its way out the door to the printer for publication. is it done yet??? hells no. we've still got a crap load of stuff to do to wrap up all the lose ends before we can wash our hands of it. so for the next week or so, i will be right my office.

on an interesting note however, there is going to be a nice little side bar about bubbs in the book. in an effort to try and cover every aspect of biola life, we could't ignore the imaginary land that most of us live a big part of our lives in. i can't really name too many names, but Dale Lee gets a mention as does another bubbs celeb, but those folks will have to wait to see it for themselves=)

on another great yearbook note, my bosses, the illustrious president and vice president of AS, came by my office yesterday to look the book over. this is the first time this has happened all year... wow great timing. they wanted to know what this "manifesto" was that they had been hearing about. well, why is the book based on the premiss of communism and its shortcomings? so we laid it all out for them, and they actually really liked it. i was pretty surprised. not that anything could have been changed at all so late in the game, but at least they really liked it. even the title, and here's a special gift for the three people who read this... "we proletariat, we comrades"

give three cheers for the working class of christ ----->

Monday, February 17, 2003


well kids, i've got a jeep!!

that's right, another item taken off the list of things i've wanted for a while. Its rockin the casbah to the fullest, and if you haven't checked the link to the photo of the jeep below, then you may just have to wait to see me rollin around town in it because the ad may be down by now.

three other things that have recently been added to my 'want list' are:
coldplay tickets (please jeri!!)
'seachanges' the new album by beck
'shootout at the ok chinese restaurant' by ramsay midwood

if you haven't hear the new beck you're missing out, and im pretty sure you haven't heard ramsay ever before either. RAMSAY IS AWESOME. you can check a live performance of his right here. listen to the first hour (its entirely worth it, including badly drawn boy and another recent favorite of mine... joseph arthur)

so there ya go, send me love bitches ---->

Thursday, February 13, 2003


finally, at least we're getting a little bit of "winter" around here. Im actaully getting to wear layers, ah... the old days. I still haven't recieved my carhartts yet, but i got the UPS tracking number this morning and they should be delivered today. that's good at least. i can rock some doubled fronted ruggedness in cement gray tomorrow.

Im drving to Vegas tomorrow to pick up the jeep, its seem so crazy to me. Im excited that after wanting one for so long, that i found a nice one that i can actually afford. God is good. If everything works out, and i like it enough to buy it, im going to put the benz up on auto trader next week. i'll post the link once its up, but tell your friends! heh =)

In school news, this is crunch week for me. Saturday is the deadline to turn in stuff for three of my classes from last semester. I was granted grade defferment until now on basis of my mom dying and stuff. So i am trying to finish up a semsters worth of three classes by saturday, while staying on top of current work. Its suprisingly not that difficult, but im not done yet =) I wrote a 20 page, 10pt, single spaced paper yesterday. I started at 10am and i was done by 5pm. Its not as crazy as it sounds, it was my testimony, so i didn't need sources or anything. The requirement for my class was 7 pages, but i couldn't fit it all in. oh well !

the year book is due a week from this coming monday. things are crazy around here. people are working like 10 and 12 hour days during the week, even when going to class. my staff is awesome, even if they make the office smell weird by staying here 24/7

so i know you're a bunch of whiny californians, but what do you think of the rain?---->

Monday, February 10, 2003


well the day has finally arrived... almost. im getting a new ride. new to me anyway. im driving over to Vegas this friday to pick up an '88 jeep wrangler that i am buying to replace my mercedes. i've been trying to get into a wrangler for so long, i am so excited to finnally be able to have one (again) yeah i had one once, another '88 in fact, but i only had it for a month. its a sad story full of familial strife, so i'm not going to telll it here. but needless to say, im super excited to get back into the 4x4's what my new jeep looks like.

it's super stock right now, but after i sell of the old german-mobile, i'm going to put a mild lift and some nice BFG offroad tires on it. you can count on seeing some old school white metal 4x4 wheels on it too. this thing is going to be hitting the trails all up and down the west coast by this summer... i can feel it.

in other news, while writing this entry, my bubbs account hit 9 weeks total time. please someone kill me. what a waste of my life... kinda. im also also expecting to get my carhartt order from last week in the mail today. that should be fun.

ok i gotta get back to school work and what i need to finish before class.
drop me a line!-------->

Monday, February 03, 2003

carhartt kid

well since i've got woodshop and painting back to back two days a week, i figured it was time to update the old work clothes wardrobe. i got a couple of new pairs of carhartts this weekend. for those of you ho have no idea what carhartts are, i'll try and put it into californian terms....they're like dickeys on steroids...dude.

seriously though, these things are great. you can check em out at and read all about their sweet double-fronted ruggedness. oh man i love em. I wore them when i worked in alaska, i wore them working construction for the city of cottage grove and i wore them working at northwest hardwoods. the same pair on all those jobs. they're still not broken in.

I had to order one of the pairs that i wanted from iowa, so later this week i should have those grey beauties, but until then i will just wear my brown ones.

what do you wear to work? ---->