Monday, June 30, 2003


well there's lots of great things to be said about going topless, but this summer its all about topless cars, like my jeep.

two or three days ago mike and i pulled the doors and the top of my wrangler and took a nice drive through our local turnbull canyon here in whittier. it turned out to be a perfect evening. the thing is really like a glorified golf cart with four wheel drive. i love it. we listened to some great classic rock and just watched the world roll by. i washed the jeep today while it was parked on my front lawn. fun stuff while listening to pet sounds.

not too much else going on this week. come to our bbq on the fourth. bring us some beer.

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Saturday, June 28, 2003

oregon news

here's some fun things i found while reading the registerguard, the local newspaper from eugene, oregon today.

first off, something for mike and his love of sports. check out the new design for the university of oregon football teams' locker room. wish we had something that nice for our house!

in other news, these two kids are bugging out and makin some cash. weird.
well i am doing nothing today. cool

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Thursday, June 26, 2003

bling bling

it's all about the ice baby, on mars anyway.

scientists announced today a finding on the vast amount of ice on the northern polar cap of mars. this is exciting stuff. read the short article. its worth it



i like luck. i don't think i believe in it though, but i do like the thought of it. old ben from out beyond the dune sea used to say... "in my experience there's no such thing as luck". anyway who knows why i started out with this today, no real reason i suppose.

in blog news, my whole interface to bring this to you is way way way different, and right now all shout outs are turned off. hopefully those will be back on soon and i won't have lost all of your great comments. there were some on there from greats such as mike from bigphilistine, jeri, and even dave beeman who's now way out in st. louis. he used to post under 'guadelupe hidlago'. i miss that guy.

here's a fun spot about best of the blogs from over at weblog central on msnbc. it will teach us all about this crazy thing we do.

anyway sorry it has been so long since i last updated. i went to colorado for a wedding, i no longer have an office with my own computer, i started working full time as a lifeguard, and it just slipped my mind. i will try and be more fiber filled and regular from now on.

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Sunday, June 15, 2003


well here's a really cool use for cloning. trees!!!

in other news, i am really burned. 5 hours lifeguarding today with no sunscreen. my feet are kinda toasty. got to go to bed now, have to guard for the ancient women swimming at 6am. (i hope no one wants to clone them, one of their asses are enough) and with that thought, nighty night.

sweet dreams ------->

Thursday, June 12, 2003

straight time

well im back, and older, and about the same as ever i suppose. really into springsteen's 'ghost of tom joad' this week. im working on some short fiction pieces, and this album is serving as the backdrop to some much needed creativity.

i heard back from guinness book of world records today about a potential art installation that i want to do. turns out if i document everything correctly and if everything works out to the dimension that i am planning on, then i will be in the book. pretty cool huh. unfortunately, i don't really want to share much of that info right now, that way i maintain the element of suprise.

well im off to take a shower and stuff, shake the dust off my sandals and whatnot

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Saturday, June 07, 2003

return of the king

well i finished reading the last book of the lord of the rings trilogy today. i read the whole series over the course of this last week, and it was amazing. i think its not going to be the last time. i would love to someday get one of those really really really nice editions of the book, all leather bound and stuff, very book of kells-ish that would be awesome. then i could read from that to myself and maybe someday to my kids or something.

anyway. im in wasco at amanda's house chillin with matt maust and having a good time. i gotta get back to watching the tv though


Thursday, June 05, 2003

in the summer time

well the weather may not be hot yet (praise be to God), but things are really heating up here at the manor in whittier. lots of people are in and out, more in than normal, and everyone is pretty happy about it. there has been lots of sitting on the porch, knocking back of cold ones, and sharing in smoke and merry-making. i sold my mercedes today, so we celebrated with a half rack of rolling rock, a pack of smoke, a whole round of laughing cow cheese and a box of classic wheat thins. the afternoon wind stirred our hair and our spirits. it will be an afternoon to remember.

i am nearly through with my second lord of the rings book for the week, the two towers. i am excited to being the third book because i have not yet seen the movie, unlike these first two. i am hoping to finish the trilogy this week before i start work next week and my all day reading times will be interupted. until then i think i will continue to consume tons of coffee while reclining in my room with a breeze sweetly blowing through my window.

in other news, this weekend should prove to be an exciting one. i am seeing the sheep play in fresno on friday night, then hanging out with amanda in wasco until sunday night. monday is my birthday and i am looking forward to spending it with much mirth and friend time. maybe i will get some fun and cool things. right now i am just content with hanging out and reveling with friends. im happy to be out from under the benz too, its always nice to be able to pay off a large set of debts too.

anyway, what's up with you ---->

Sunday, June 01, 2003

if you believe they put a man on the moon...

no this isn't going to be a discourse on conspiracy theories about whether the moon landing actually happened, and no this isn't going to be talking about R.E.M. or andy kaufman. we're actually talking about the space race.

this article (via alan over at cosmic log) is exactly what i have been thinking about as far as where the new space race is going to go. if you don't want to read the article, is from the former chairman of the house board on technology and the author is positing that based on his observations and knowledge, the chinese will have a permanent presence on the moon with the next decade! holy crap! check it out

in other non space related news, its sunday, i slept through church and i am going to spend today cleaning my room and reading and stuff. got to go to a great show at the last minute last night. my roommate nate rose got a couple of free tickets to see the flaming lips with the starlight mints and liz phair at the paladium. this show was by every sense of the word spectacular! the stage show was absolutely insane, a situationist dream with fury suited animal costumes, balloons the size of vw bugs, and all sorts of crazy video images in the background. i was blown away by it.

after the show rose and i hung out for a bit at a place called 66 on sunset and had a couple of rounds. it was good times. we got hit on lots. then we went to denny's. we finished off the night, by being stuck in 1am bumper to bumper traffic on the 101 talking to hot girls in a limo coming back from prom, all the while listing to tom waits really loud. what a night.

ps. there were also a few celeb sightings. i got to watch heather graham and juliette lewis both be groped by female security officers, right next to use in line. heather graham is hot!

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