Wednesday, May 28, 2003


well its that weird time of year here on campus. its hot, there's no one here, and i am pretty sick of the whole thing. i am happy to have a job here this summer, and at least its somewhere cool like the pool and not in the middle of campus or something. i will just chill over there most of the time i think.

i am moving all of my stuff out of my office today and tomorrow. this is going to suck. i've got three years worth of crap in here and a couple of big paintings too. i have no clue where i am going to end up putting this stuff. i will probably throw away a bit of it, and then store the rest of it in our basement... which needs to be cleaned REALLY badly. so maybe a couple of guys *coughjessemikecough* and myself could get that taken care of later on this week or this weekend or something.

mexico was a good trip this last long weekend. its was really nice to hang out with my sisters and fernando and cole. there was hardly a moment when i lacked for anything, including drinks and food. it was really really nice and relaxing and i didn't even have to spend a dime. sammye is in las vegas for a couple more days right now visiting our dad. im pretty bummed about her not staying over here since i payed for the flight and everything, but what can i do. oh well. i will just have to work some more hours to cover it.

in other news ... well there isn't really any other news right now. i gotta start packing some boxes in here anyway. don't hold your breath for daily updates for a while. without the office i don't know how often i will be around a computer with normal email access. so we'll see i guess.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

orange crush

well we are at terror alert orange crush again today here in la mirada. someone heard there was a chance that some other guy might run a stop sign.... so please be vigilant!

well i finished all three papers that i had to write last night. now i only have one more thing to do, and that's finish up my self portrait for my painting 1 final. then i am leaving friday morning, off to sunny mexico with both of my sisters and my brother in law. the rest is going to do me some good. it will be fun to take photos and stuff too, so i am looking forward to that. should have some good view from our two bungaloes on the beach. holy crap when was the last time i went on vacation with someone i was related to.... like my seventh birthday?

im really excited that my little sister sammye is coming down. she is great and i am glad that she is going to get a break from oregon and actually see where i live and stuff. no one from my family has ever visited me at school. its just too far away for anyone to come to. they never have the money or the time to take off of work. i know my mom would have come to my graduation though, so at least i can think about that i guess.

anyway i have to go deliver some more yearbooks.
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Monday, May 19, 2003

over it all

so i have three papers to write tonight, and i don't want to do any of them. two of them are hermaneutics papers, and the other one is a transcript of three interviews that i have done with fellow believers that i know. dead mike is one of them, the other two are my youth pastor from highschool and my pastors wife. not that it matters, but its not my youth pastor's wife, but my actual pastor's... just to be clear.

anyway to get to the point. school is stupid. i am not learning anything at all. i feel like i am really ready to be done with this stuff, but i have another year to put up with. I know i am really blessed to have been able to go to college, let alone a really expensive one, but i still know that things could be different. i am sick of being indoctrinated, and tired of attending 'university' that isn't really what it claims to be. this whole 'center of christian thought' thing that they are trying to persue really scares the shit out of me to tell the truth.

i guess i would rather just be working somewhere as a teacher, coming home and creating some great work. i really want to pursue giant installations and some large-scale sculpture stuff. plus there is always writing and news stuff, coupled with technology and i feel that i could really be at the cutting edge of art and where things are going to be headed.

speaking of art openings, i got really sad today because i don't think any of my family will come to mine next spring before i graduate. i doubt they will even come down for that. i miss having parents. its really makes me sad. the first kid in my entire family to ever graduate from college and no one is even going to come. sad sad stuff. ok time to go eat some dinner now.

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Saturday, May 17, 2003

end of the world as i know it

its that time of year again. time to end and begin again. the yearbook is out and people seemed to be pleased with it overall, but some people hate it. that is good. at least people are thinking about it. one guy wrote in a post on BUBBS This year's yearbook is the first one to actually make me think hard about my life, and it makes me rethink the way I will live my life. This is a good thing. And honestly that's what we really set out to do. we changed one persons's thinking, and that's enough for me.

other stuff this week: went to a dodger game with gloyd, maust and dead mike. it was good times

ater on today i will probably post an account of my art final last night for 3D design involving gloyd, a godzilla mask, a crazy floral robe, refreshments, thrown mashed potatos, and a fire extinguisher.
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Thursday, May 15, 2003

holy new age weapons batman

check out this weapon that can destroy nuclear devices anywhere on earth... from anywhere without fallout!

in other news check out my cool interview, brought to you by dead mike
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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

keeping you in the dark

its been a couple days since an update, but not nearly as long as my friend mike over at bigphilistine. i would link him, but you would just see the same post as last month. boo

anyway speaking of being kept in the dark, there's a total lunar eclipse this week, on thursday night. it will be visable from most of orth america if its clear where you are, so check it out!

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Friday, May 09, 2003

to the moon alice!

guess who wants to go to the moon now..... NASA. i guess that appolo era tech has gone to their heads. they want to check out the deepest impact basin on the moon to study its upper mantel. check it all out right here


Thursday, May 08, 2003

score one for the home team

guess who is the new opinion's editor for the chimes =)


Why Space Matters
this is my first potential opinions piece for The Chimes

"that’s one small step for man… one giant leap for man kind".

Those famous first words, uttered nearly thirty-five years ago, by Neal Armstrong as he took man’s first steps on the moon have echoed down through history. It seems as though the echo is beginning to thin and fade as time passes however, growing fainter and smaller every year. The Space Race of the ‘60’s and 70’s is long dead, the Iron Curtain has fallen, and we no longer have a world to win with our intergalactic feats. It seems as if the investment has paid off, politically at least, and we have won. But along the way we also lost the most important thing… NASA.

NASA is obsolete.

At this very moment, in the aftermath of yet another shuttle tragedy to touch our generation, NASA is contemplating returning to Apollo Era technology. Huge booster rockets and crew modules designed over 40 years ago are being examined as possible stand-ins until the shuttle fleet is cleared to return to manned flights. In the short term, I say great! Call up Tom Hanks and Ed Harris, maybe give them some duct tape, and we could have a real-live working space program in no time flat!

Short term revivals of antiquated, but adequate technology are wonderful to maintain our commitment to the I.S.S. (International Space Station). But for people in the aerospace industry to seriously consider this for more than patch-&-paint style fill-in missions is completely off base with where the space program should be. Over the years, NASA has become bogged down by bureaucracy, scandal, mission failure and lack of direction. It is time, at least for the short term, to place our hopes of reaching out to the stars on the shoulders of the private sector.

What’s next?

Incredible announcements have been made several times during the last six months concerning what’s next for space. The trouble is that no one is paying attention… well not quite everyone. Kids transfixed by the Space Race of the ’60 and 70’s are now adults, and some of them are very very rich. It was recently uncovered that Jeff Bezos, founder of has been secretly funding a company called Blue Origin run out of a non-discript industrial building in Seattle. What is this company doing? According to insiders, they are developing technology to revolutionize the space/tourism industry. Taking people to the stars… finally the dot-com generation brings the possibility of something without pop up windows.

The most notable story as of late however is one concerning Real Composites of Mojave, California. In April, Scaled unveiled their fully developed and built, manned space plane SpaceShipOne. Funded entirely by secret private investors, Scaled’s space plane may very well be the first in a long string of successful non-governmental space companies that will carry us into the rest of the solar system this century.

Realistically, NASA will be the leader again in the future, but this new private sector development may be just the Sputnik that our rusty old space agency needs to get back into the cosmic ballgame. If we, as humans are to continue on to explore and possibly live on other planets in our solar system, it needs to happen outside of Government funding. If we’re lucky, we may just be the generation that sees that dream come true.


Monday, May 05, 2003


LQG, or loop quantum gravity is a new and exciting form of math and TOE (theory of everything) that challenges the realities posited by physicists who advocate superstring theory. one of the hotest up-and-coming LQG theorists is 31 years old, Fotini Markopoulou Kalamara.

the most exciting part about this whole LQG thing is the way that fotini infuses the way that she looks at it with her upbringing as the daughter of two scultures. the mixture of art and science blows me away and it is something that i strive and hunger to reproduce in my own art. this is the sort of stuff that inspires me. I had read this article quite awhile back, right after it came out in 2002 i believe. it took an email and a responce from alan boyle of cosmic log to help me figure out just exactly who t was that i remembered reading about. sure enough the two of us figured it out and pretty soon alan is going to do a piece on woman cosmologists. you know i will totally be linking that article! anyway that's about it for now. i will write more someday i think

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last dance

i feelbad posting this, but i want to be able to have this link for a while and i figured this would be the best place to put it. here's the last article i am going to link about my friend sumer who died last week in a traffic accident.

Thursday, May 01, 2003


quarks are some of my favorite particles on the atomic level. scientists have recently discovered a new type of quark through research at the particle accelorator in stanford university. check out the article cause its pretty amazing. its fine for laymen who dont know anything too, so dont be scared.

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