Tuesday, October 24, 2006

too many tuesday mornings

it's been weeks and weeks friends. I have been looking for work. My boss went to europe (supposedly) some weeks ago and i have been looking for a new gig since. I've gone on more than a handful of interviews, but i haven't heard anything back yet on any of them. im fairly tired of this whole process. hopefully something will give soon.

in other news, we have a dog. she is sleeping in her gated box right now, she's an elitist! maybe someday, when she's house trained, she can move into a nice mixed-use development out in the living room. sure it would be a little bit more upscale than the gated box, and she would have to get used to being snubbed and growled at by the upper-crust cats, but i think she would really like it much more. i'll post a picture later on.

i've been reading a lot. two books in the last week of the steam-punk variety. pretty fun stuff. im in the market for something new. been talking to maust about reading the bible through and talking to him about it while the kids are on the road. as much as i want another rad sci-fi book, the good book would probably be more worth while.

went and saw the pogues last week. that was pretty fun. shane looks like that really valvuable crap that whales cough up, and he's probably just as smelly.

went out to dinner with a french guy that works at the same place as amanda. he's super cool. we're trying to help him have some friends here in america. we're hopefully going to bring him with us to the halloween party.

spent a bunch of moeny this weekend on the audi. new tires, new brakes, full sythetic oil change. i don't need a new job, i need two.

anyway, can't really think of much more now friends. i will post some pics sometime soon.

Mouse &/or billionaire, take me off probation please. i promise to use my time more wisely!