Monday, March 31, 2003

all jumbles

im really tired today. I got like three hours of sleep. i need to go back to the woodshop to finish my project. who knows if i can do it in time. i have no idea. anyway the new strong bad email is really funny today, you should check it out. just click on the new email link.

ok gotta go. ---->

Friday, March 28, 2003

photo photo photograph

went down and hung out with my buddy ira at his studio last night down in the LBC. amanda is interning with him right now to learn the ropes of the pro-photo business. ira is a great guy, and one hell of a photographer. you can check out his site right here. oh yeah, the hot one is his wife. he's super knowledgable about the whole photo world and a great guy to hang out with. after the whole shindig at his studio a bunch of us went down to the harbor house in sunset beach. good food, good times

not too much going on today. just doing some business here at school. its time to get my shit hole of an office cleaned up. people have decided its their own room to stay in as much as they want. people are sleeping here overnight now all the time. time to put the kabash on that. working on projects late? great, take a nap. staying here almost eveery night of the week, no way sucka. enough venting though. getting this place cleaned up will be a good start.

maybe i will get to sleep in tomorrow. that would be grand.
shout out if you are down --->

Wednesday, March 26, 2003


i know i know, its been 6 days since i have posted. i've been pretty busy, so that's that.

im having a kinda down day. this is to be expected because lets face it, i am still grieving. this ain't a fun process, and i am down in the dumps today. i do have a nice shiny new U2 mix from mc mausty maust though, so that's nice.

in other news, i am poor. getting the clutch on my jeep fixed kicked my ass. i should be able to pay my rent in full, so that's good. being on time with stuff like that is important to me. i just wish that my mercedes would sell so i could have a couple of extra bucks in my pocket. i need to buy stuff for my art projects people!!! i will seriously drop from 3k to $2,000 on the car, i just want to get rid of it!!

buy my car---->

Thursday, March 20, 2003

be informed!

we live in perilous times. its clear glancing at any form of media that we are at war. we are greatly privledged to have such a variety of media agencies to look at to gather information. i am a huge fan of knowing what is going on in the world. today i am going to give you a couple of links to check out throughout the conflict that i think will be helpful for those who want to know what's going on. is the first place to go to find out what is actually going on in the middle east. at first glance these folks may seem to be posting all sorts of conspiracy theories, but remember what you read... you will see it in place like the new york times a week later

news wise i am a big fan of msnbc for general news, bbc news is also great for a non-US p.o.v.
for listening pleasure i tend to listen to local and national coverage on 89.9 KCRW. They also offer great live streaming of 24 hour news on there site. they draw from NPR, Voice of America and the BBC world news to broadcast fresh information 24 hours a day. i am listening to it right now as a matter of fact.

hopefully this conflict will turn out well for all of those involved. glenn reynolds has come up with a good set of outcomes to gage the success of this war. chekc it out right here

whats on your mind ---->

Monday, March 17, 2003

eireann go brach!

well friends, the blessed irish day has arrived, and of course its falling on a monday this year. im not despairing though, cause i get to celebrate ireland all year long with every beat of my green-blooded heart. i started off the morning with a wee little swig of some water straight from the sligeach river in north western ireland. i happened to bring it back with me from over christmas break. it tastes way better than whittier water anyway! i painted a nice big irish flag this morning near the art office here at school too, so that's rockin the casbah. today will be the day of blaring irish music all day. by my estimation i have about 10 cd's worth of strictly irish stuff that i can rock, it should be a green green day here in the office.

who knows what will happen tonight, don't really have any set plans as yet, but we'll see =)

hang upsidedown and kiss my blarney stone! ---->

Thursday, March 13, 2003

alternative ulster

ah it twas a good night last night. mikey from over at big philistine and i went out and partook in irish night over at stubricks in fullerton. it was a grand night of drinking, and singing, and eating cheese bread. good times. paddy doyles boots, a wonderful irish band, played a bunch of great tunes. i love knowing lost of irish songs cause i can always sing along. to top it off, our waitress Kate didn't charge us for our amazing plate of cheese bread. it was awesome, besides the fact about $3 pints of the good stuff. awesome.

mikey also mentioned to me last night a wonderful little bit about the irish folk on the onion. so i thought i would share it with you. check it out

anyway i have to run some errands and stuff. remember that st paddy's is monday! i've got some cool plans, but i don't know if they are going to work out yet, i'll let you know...
what are you doing?--->

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

eat eat eat

there are a couple of things that irish folks love to do, and here are two that i can mention in mixed company: drink and eat
traditional irish meals are replete with two very under appreciated ingredients, cabbage and potatoes. however, it only takes a little bit of that famous irish wit and inventiveness, to make these two normally mundane ground-grown foods, a dish fit for my ancestor Brien Buro, king of ireland.
here's a great link to some wonderful recipes that use both potatoes and cabbage.

I also came upon this wonderful twist on the traditional Dingle Pie. Now i know that sounds gross, but when they say its good with a pint down at the pub, you know its a serious compliment.
i've got a couple of days off from school this week, so maybe i will catch you all up on some interesting anecdotes.
what are you doing for st paddy's?----->

Monday, March 10, 2003

i practice many styles!

so im rockin the carnival this morning by wyclef. its a couple of albums ago, and granted it ain't irish music, but the man can create. i used to have this album way back in the day when it first came out, i think like '98 or so, but some little creep snatched it up out of my car one day. so my buddy gwr over at wickedfamily hooked me up with a copy this weekend. not only is he a benefactor, but he's a good scotch-irishman as well.

in a continuing effort to help you maximize on your st. patrick's day potential, here's some more helpful Mchelp. if you have always wonder how you can drink and EAT like a mic, then here's the link for you! check out all these recipes.

anyway i gotta do some house cleaning here in the office. peace--->

Friday, March 07, 2003

oi the traditions!

ireland has a tradition of turning out world class musical acts one after the other throughout the years. for a country that has no where near the population of the greater los angeles area, a great number of musical acts have sprun out of it. lets just make us a little list shall we...
Van Morrison
Damien Rice
The Corrs
Sinéad O'Connor
The Chieftains
The Dubliners
and that's just to name a few that most people would be familiar with.

a lot of those groups i really like, and they are all pretty diverse while still holding true to the roots of their irish influences.
so wherever this St. paddy's day finds you, downa t the pub, or sitting around the house on your lazy arse, give a listen to some good tunes!

piss off------>

Thursday, March 06, 2003

the irish beer

many people equate St. Paddy's day with one thing.... drinking. they are only half right...they forgot the parade, while drinking. There is no other singular drink so associated with one country as Guinness and Ireland. Lots of people love this beautiful dark stuff... but others are a little bit scared. here's a wonderful review of Guinness and how great it is. brought to you by some kiwi friends.

but as always, its sometimes better to go to the source. I have been to St. James Gate in dublin, and let me tell you it was amazing. you can smell the hops and the barley from blocks away. it was a great time. click on the link to explore the home of Guinness. sign the petition while you are there to make St. Patrick's day an official holiday!

kiss my blarney--->

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

let the count down begin!

well i have been counting the days in my head since last year's St Patrick's day, but the official final ten days will be counted down with irish pride here in Unit 64. I will attempt to keep you up to date with all the news surrounding this blessed event, and anything wise this irishman would like to add as well!

locally in champange, il. there's trouble brewing. there traditional 'unofficial St. Patrick's Day' is coming under fire. read all about it!

also for those of you who may not know, here's a little St. Paddy's history.


sea change

it is done. there's over 20 cd's sitting on my desk right now that contain the yearbook. its getting out of my hair today. i am happy.

im listening to beck's sea change this morning. its wonderful, folky and relaxing. i think he got the name from a certain passage in the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald, but i will have to find it again and share it with you later. i have A LOT of catching up to do, school wise, so maybe after i do that.

i poked around for something interesting to link this morning, but i couldn't decide on anything. you're shit out of luck i guess. ---->

Tuesday, March 04, 2003


oh my baby, oh my baby, oh i, oh my

rockin out to tender by blur right now in the yearbook office. we're all working away on the final few hours of prep stuff before we send the book to print. its exciting times around here. i wanna drink a bunch of coffee and smoke a bunch of american spirits. too bad i already have a headache. it would be perfect though, im rockin four days without shaving, a nice flannel farmer shirt, my jeep and a rad trucker hat from way back in the day. im super glad its raining too.

that's all for now------>

Monday, March 03, 2003

it's like water torture...kinda

yes, the yearbook is almost done. it SHOULD go to the printer today. My designers are so hardworking, it is amazing. there are here in the office right now...asleep on the floor in their sleeping bags. just another normal weekday morning for all of us. I sit quitely at the computer emailing, updating the blog, sipping coffee and surfing the net, while they sleep quitely behind me. they have been indexing the whole book this weekend, and you can totally tell they are tired. hopefully this madness will end today and we can start out lives anew.

I would have been here in the office with them this weekend, but my girlfriend finally decided she was fed up with her psycho roommates and moved out. I spent friday, saturday and sunday packing up her stuff with her, storing most of it, and then carting the rest over to her temporary apartment with some friends of ours who live in whittier. the timing couldn't have been funnier. Amanda stuck her roommates for her portion of the rent for the entire month of march. for a couple of girls who couldn't make her leave fast enough, they sure weren't too happy to feel the hurt in the pocket book. tough shit ladies.

in other news, church is still awesome. pastor lou's services on the Lord's Prayer are rockin the hizouse. Grace Brethren in the LBC in the place to be on sundays for sheezy. after church amanda and i went to visit my older sister and her husband. we went out to lunch and ate great mexican food, and i got to play with my nephew and talk about t-rex and trains. he's the tallest 3 year old i have ever seen. other than that, it was move move move.

what did you do this weekend?----->