Tuesday, March 27, 2007

blenders (4x)


i post about the kids so much because i love them. they make me smile, especially combined with the sweet words of derrick brown. he's jotted down a couple of entries for the kids' news page.


Backstage at a CWK show there are lots of ladies, a few posters of
Mausts old band, The Fuck Maggots, various dudes in various stages of
tight jeans and four blenders set up near boxes of creatine and
Xyience protein powders. I’m not sure why, but let’s just say some of
them are taking it and some aren’t and it really shows.

you can check out his full entries, which are awesome, right here. and let me assure you, they are worth it!

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

postcards from a music video...

so yesterday i booked a music video for beirut. i had a 4pm call but didn't actually end up doing anything, other than shooting the shit with some of the band and talking to zach a little bit, until just after 6pm. the video was for elephant gun, a track from the new album. i had my camera with me in my jacket pocket, but wardrobe ended up having me switch it out for a super tiny black suit coat, hence my lack of pics/video.

the whole thing was kind of victorian bohemian feeling. zach was wearing some sweet knickers and all the guys in the band we rocking these tiny old tweed suits, pretty cool looking. they even had a fake mustache on zach for some parts of the video which looked pretty realistic, though he told me that he was actually jealous of my real mustache. (which is curling up into points at the end like an old prize-fighter btw)

since the song is 'elephant gun', a bunch of us ended up wearing these crazy elephant noses for most of the shoot. it was pretty fun over all. I was zach's stand-in for all the set-ups and lighting checks and ended up talking with alma the director quite a bit. I carry zach around with a couple other people for a while in the video, and end up dancing with one of the professional dancers for a bit at the end of the video. overall it was pretty awesome. at the end of the shoot, he played everyone there a couple tracks on his uke. this is when i wish my camera wasn't locked in the wardrobe room, but at least someone else had one with them. the quality is kind bad, but the sound is decent. check em out.

a track off the new album...

on postcards from italy he had us sing and wistle along, though whomever is whistling close to the camera isn't me... or good.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

best 9 minutes of my day so far...

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Friday, March 16, 2007

more kids...

so i've been doing nothing. here are the weirdest cwk things i can find on youtube.

like a skateboard, but for a whole band

im in ur blogg, steelin your banndd.

"who's bus is that?" nathan doesn't know either...


ok that's enough of that now. it's out of my system.

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zee germans

i like how they don't translate the english into german for their viewers. weirdos

fastforward to 4:05

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