Friday, February 25, 2005


in real life!

for a completely exhaustive synopsis of the episode fo to the oc site and click on the tab 'episode' and look at 'rainy day women'. i loved this episode, and i think i could possibly be my favorite oc episode of the entire show so far. so much great writing and wonderful set-ups. we're going to see a lot of issues resurfacing that we haven't seen in a while. summer and seth are back on, ryan and lindsay are off. lindsay is moving to chicago with her mom, even though dna test confirmed that she is caleb's daughter. this fact alone seems to tell me tha we will see her again, probably next season or something. the ending of this one had to be my absolute favorite. i'm not going to blow it for you though, but let's just say seth must have sort of super powers.

im going to try and figure out how to see the episode again. i think it might be floating around here somewhere. i will update when i can.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

safe as

safe as milk

well had a great time this weekend with amanda and her family at their place in grover beach. ate lots of food, watched some films, hung out for a bit in san luis obispo, and bought some records. I picked up the newest Postal Service single, i'm wide awake it's morning by bright eyes, ziggy stardust from bowie, and safe as milk by captain beefheart. all in all some very savory vinyl came home with me this weeekend. me likey.

not much going on this week, just classes, and more cleaning up here at the house. i have to do some errands today, so hopefully the freeways wont be too crazy. just what we need, more people dying because of 30in of rainfall so far this year. people need to learn how to swim... and not build their houses on really steap mud hills

Thursday, February 17, 2005

W.A.S.P. update


You guys might remember that a couple of posts ago i talked about the founding of our scooter club W.A.S.P. {whiiter area scooter patrol}. I wanted to give you, dear readers, an update. We have launched our official blog, and are soliciting new membership. If you are interested in applying, go ahead and leave a comment here on this post, and i will bring it before the board of governers during our next meeting. I hope you enjoy the site!

Monday, February 14, 2005

the north country

well i'm back. i brought a lot of stuff with me. there's a lot of junk, but there's treasure strewn through the rubble.

to catch you up if you aren't tracking with what i am talking about:

Sycz and i flew up to oregon last week, and drove back down in a u-haul full of the rest of the stuff left over from my mom's estate. the word 'estate' here is tricky. when i think about estates, i think of brick houses, rolling lawns, tiffany lamps, boxes full of silver, french maids, and lots of treasure (ie. dubloons). however, in the case of my mom's 'estate' we have loads of boxes of crap, littered here and there with items of insane sentimental value, or moentary significance.

the trip itself was fine. i really enjoyed showing mike around cottage grove. it really is an interesting place. we wandered up and down mainstreet, hitting up all the antique stores. we went to goodwill and bought a lot of clothes. i bought a sweet british looking plaid blazer for 10 cents. we walked down to the river behind my grandma's house and fed bread to the ducks. they worshiped us and ate furiously from the mana we rained down on them.

it was really cold, and we both liked that a lot. at night it was in the upper 20's, and it was really nice during the day hitting the mid 50's and we even had some sun while we were there, awesome.

anyway, we got a u-haul, filled it up saturday morning and drove back down to whittier straight through. we got in to town here about 1:30 sunday morning. the drive took us about 13-14 hours, give or take. not too shabby in that huge ass truck.

now to the stuff. there's a lot of it. we filled up the bottom two or three feet of the entire floor of a fourteen foot truck with boxes. major pieces included a piano, a large chair from the late 1920's that brlonged to my great-grandma, and sveral chests, which i have yet to even open to devine their contents.

the way this stuff was 'packed' defies catagorization. sorting through things then becomes super laborious. i was looking though a box of really un-interesting books, only to come upon an envelope containing a picture of me taken only a couple of hours after i was born by the hospital photographer. other strange-find highlights include my great-great grandfather's high school diploma from 1923, a lone recipe card for my mom's famous peanut butter cookies, my papa's (moms dad's) gold fillings in a small glass vile, a full bottle of 409 at least five or six copies of the exact same seals & croft album on vinyl.

amanda and i sorted everything into three piles. keep, sell, and donate. in a couple weekends we're going to have a big garage sale here at the house and try to recoup some of the money that i spent on gas driving this stuff down here. our friends can have first crack at anything we're going to sell at the garage sale, for free. if there's something you need there, you're welcome to it.

other highlights include about 25 disney records from the 50's and 60's that are in fantastic shpe. i priced them out tonight on and was pretty happy. there wasn't a single one that was selling for less than $10, and all together they priced out to a cool $450. So that was really nice. I am going to put them up on ebay individually and try to get as close to $400 as i can for them. i think i should do alright. Oh yeah i am going to be selling the piano too, so if you know anyone in the market for a nice american made solid-oak upright, let me know. it needs to be tuned, but it's got a great sound. i learned to play the keys on this one, and we bought it new.

anyway, i gotta get back to going through boxes. my house is buried underneath this stuff, and i want that to be over as quickly as possible.

Friday, February 04, 2005

kings of inconvenience

brice creek

so i got my ticket to ride {an airplane} to oregon tonight. i'll be flying back to the land of my birth on wednesday next. sycz {aka Dr. Critical} will also be traveling with me. we will be the kings of inconvenience on our journey north because of some amazing connector flights. to fly straight through to Eugene would be an approx. 2 hr flight. However our journey will nearly manage to triple this via our lace-up flight plan. LAX to Las Vegas to SFO to Eugene. awesome.

im really looking forward to sharing The Grove with one of my close friends. my old roommate Will might even come down from seattle for the day while we are there. we're going to cruise the town {aka drive around it in a circle}, dine on some choice comfort food courtsey of my grandma and the vintage inn. then maybe we will head up river and just chill in the forest. either way i am looking forward to it. plus the drive down in a u-hual full of my old shit sounds super exciting too. i see lots of ampm coffee and beef jerkey in a future...

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

killer W.A.S.P.!


so mb, aka Mr. Portuguese {this will be your official title sir} and i have been talking about, nay- planning on purchasing some sweet vespa action. in anticipation of our new two-wheeled luxury transportation, we decided that we should have a scooter club, as is the custom with those who ride them. I have been brain storming for names for said club since yesterday, and i think i have hit upon something with just the right amount of zip, irony, and historical significance to qualify as the prefect name.

you shall know us as WASP!

i thought about the name WASP this morning on my way home from playing water polo and it seemed perfect. I then abbreviated it out as Whittier Area Scooter Patrol. We are on patrol!!! we have parkas and ironic nicknames!!! and we might even have bangs covering our faces!!!!

time is on our side

so tonight i was doing some follow-up research into the name wasp, and it turns out that's exactly what the word vespa means in italian. i guess it was just meant to be.

your first assignment

Mr. Portuguese, your first assignment is to choose a nickname for me, then we will begin to draw up formal plans for the club, along with by-laws and territories for patrol. after that we could get some snacks {turkey clubs, and several fingers of whisky sound very fine!}, perhaps relax, then talk some more about buying some scooters. what's WASP without the Scooters right? then it becomes WAP, and i think that is some sort of slur or something...