Thursday, April 20, 2006

i'm sorry

i am a deadbeat, but then again that's probably genetic. add one more genetic trait to the list of items and learned behaviours to overcome. i have been overcoming a lot lately. when it rains in my life, it pours, and i am from oregon. i know what it means to pour.

so there is too much to cover, catch up on, etc. and i have no idea what to tell you. these last couple of months have been, and in some ways continue to be, likely one of the most trying times in my entire life. those of you know me, take note, because i mean what i just said. my entire life.

aside from other, much more important and trying things, finishing school may be in jeopardy for this semester. it's not my fault. blame uncle sam and my university. i hit my caps for federal student aid, so i got screwed for the semester with only six weeks left. not only did i hit the cap, but i hit it last year, and no one noticed. so now i am short for the semester, plus i have to pay what was given to me last year by mistake, just to finish this semester. anyone want to write me a really large check? im working on trying to figure this whole bit out, and i'll let you know what's happening as soon as i know.

not sure what amanda and i will be doing if i can't finish up. we're tossing around lots of ideas. not sure where we will be living, california or not, or what. i need to finish so i can get a job to pay for finishing, otherwise im not sure if i can afford to not finish. make sense? please be praying for us, for that, and for everything. please be patient with me as well. im not funny right now. my writing sucks. there is little joy in reading this, or even typing it. regardless, i am blessed. god is faithful, life is good. amanda and i are fighting the good fight together, and that's what matters. please say hi. i could use a hello.