Thursday, November 28, 2002

home sweet home

well kids im back here in the great northwest. its cold, and boy has it ever been foggy. all this week they have been forcasting zero disability on roadways and such. so the drive up was fun, but i am super excited to eat all afternoon yeah!!! pumpkin pie!!!!!!!

let me know how thanksgiving is going for you! -------->

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

well here we go!!

seems like everytime i turn around nowadays, there's some new cute girl doing quantum mechanics and general relativity work that is changing the way we look at the universe. go figure. anyway this chick is seriously doing some really exciting stuff with theory, and you can read all about it right here. don't skip over it cause its really interesting, and you WILL be able to understand it.

rockin out to johnny cash, the man comes around this morning. i caught his hour with larry king last night on cnn, and the man is an international treasure. i wish i could just be friends with this guy. man o man

im leaving for oregon today with maust, so who knows when i will update again. maybe tomorrow or something during my stay at home. should be cool to see my friends and family, and show matt around the old homestead. alright folks...we'll meet again someday!

happy thanksgiving------->

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

lunar lunacy

Finally, maybe we will be able to shut the conspiracy theorists up for like an least. European researches have announced plans to use the largest earth based telescope to photograph the NASA landers that remain on the surface of the moon. Theorists claim the US spent billions of dollars to fake the moon landings and win the space race against the soviets. The Very Large Telescope (VLT, im totally not kidding) is based in the south american mountains and can see a single human hair form 16 kilometers away. read all about the effort to debunk the

in other news i got some new records last night on a little trip down to paradise city. i got:
REM - up
rancid - life wont wait
the jesus and mary chain - stoned and dethroned & automatic

i needed to boost the octane on my listening pleasure, so i figured i would invest in some super high quality shit.
well im leaving tomorrow for the great northwest, and i am looking forward to family, friends, and nice weather. really at this point, anything will really be better than all of the shit that is floating around in the air here. my house is completely covered with a fine dust, and its getting into everything...including my eyes. man i hate it. i can taste it in my freakin throat. yuck

alright, what are you doing for thanksgiving? ----->

Monday, November 25, 2002

light my way

well its a holiday week. its throwing all sorts of weird kinks into the system. who knows what will happen, its madness!!

i am heading for orgeon on wednesday and the mighty matt maust is coming too. we're going to hook it up with my family and friends back home, in the holiday spirit. its going to ROCK SO HARD!!!!! yeahyeahyeah

so this weekend brought some new gear my way. hit up the awesome $1 sunday sale at daisy's and rocked eight dollars worth of new wardrobe sweetness. you cant beat two jackets, one pair of shorts and five shirts for less than ten dollars. yes folks its true.

last night i watched indianna jones and the last crusade with maust and olsen. it was cool, we ate lots of grilled cheese, drank cokes, then ate a bunch of frosting covered brownies with ice cream. i am the fattest man you know.

i am reading : The Nebula Award Winners: 1965 & The Great Gatsby
i am listening to: achtung baby -- U2 (over and over and over again)

what about you?--------->

Friday, November 22, 2002

firday friday friday

so it's friday. i don't really have much to say. so yeah a place holder post.ok bye

tell me what you look like ------>

Thursday, November 21, 2002

goodbye cruel world, im going to los angeles

so its out of the frying pan and inot the fire this morning....traffic wise at least. I am running downtown to check out some camera stuff this morning. so i have to get going. but i wanted to tell you all hi, and let you know i will post more later.

what are you most looking forward to today?----->

Wednesday, November 20, 2002


song of the day, clampdown by the clash is rockin the house all day today. im pissed off with life and ready to head out for some sort of frontier, this song says why. i dont wanna end up working for 'the man'.

in other news i think i busted my brand new steel toe Docs with a door. the steel on my right foot pushed back like a centimeter when it hit the door. pretty lame ass if you ask me. i am trying to decided if i should go back and get another pair, or just keep going and accept it. i don't want the thing to move all the time. that isn't normal is it???

upcoming events in the day: math test @ 3:45pm and then onto....well whatever seems to come up. maybe some dinner, maybe not, we'll see. anyway i wanna say whatsup to all the guys up in Marcom, they are pretty cool. they really know lots of neat tricks with colors. pantone #463 on the double!!!

ok enough with the speak, on with the show
if you could work anywhere else, where would it be? ------>

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

back to the end of the world...

so when i reported earlier this last week about an “ominous sign that the galaxy is headed for a catastrophic event,” that nasa would reveal, i may have sold you a very large bridge in brooklyn. in a press conference today nasa revealed their new discoveries of binary black holes in a gallaxy far, far away. 3000 light years to be exact. the best part about this whole overblown thing, is that even when these two black holes merge millions of years from now, it's only going to produce a ripple in space. These ripples, according to the report, happen several times a year because of similar occurences throughout the history of the universe. so please.....try to remain calm. or if you find yourself a little bit a shelter like some nice folks did up in washington check it out!

what (or who) would you take with you in your bomber shleter? ----->

come back and see to me

so i've finally gotten around to updating today, sorry for those of you biting your nails wondering just when i would do it. now is the time

spent last night in the red lion germanpub in sliver lake celebrating the birthday of a good friend. its always wonderful to share times with people who are under the influence. i love it. afterwards olsen, myself, matt maust and nate warkentin hit the road and beat a path out to the desert to check out the light show. curse the moon!! i seriously could have read a novel last night the moon was so bright. it was still pretty decent, even though i had my glasses on and they limited my field of view. my poor eyes were just too tired to wear contacts anymore. saw a couple of really decent fire balls though, complete with smoking tails and everything. it was definately an event worth watching. and 33 years from now when i, at the ripe old age of 54, catch the next installment, i will surely remember the watching the stars fall and drinking whiskey is a wonderful thing regardless of age.

in todays news, i had a painting crit that seemed to go pretty well. the class talked about my work for about 25 minutes or so and they llked it a lot. they couldn't believe i had never painted anything in my life aside from houses, sheds and street lines. it was great. not much on my plate for tonight, just another stupid meeting for work that i will use to hone my 'scribbling in circles ability' as well as my 'singing pixies songs under my breath ability'. i will keep you updated on my progress.

what's your poison----------->

Monday, November 18, 2002


tonight is the peak of the last Leonid meteor shower for the next three decades!!!!
here's a link with a bunch of tips that you should check out for sure.

let me know what your plans are to check out the show!!------->

"ah daddy, i wanna stay drunk many days"

Frank O'Hara is the poet of the day. A fine member of the New York school of poetry, O'Hara is among the better poets of his generation, despite his arms-length association with the beat poets.. Although he never set off down the road, or lived in a flop house, this harvard grad and museum curator really knew how to string together letters words and phrases. here's one called 'poem'

instant coffee with slightly sour cream
in it, and a phone call to the beyond
which doesn' seem to be coming any nearer
"Ah daddy, i wanna stay drunk many days"
on the poetry of a new friend
my life held precariously in the seeing
hands of others, their and my impossibilities.
Is this love, now that the first love
has finally died, where there were no impossibilities?


in other news of the day, i took a listen to 'the unemployment sessions' disc by jesse gloyd last night. i also listened to it all the way to the office this morning. what a joy to hear a crooner in the morning sunshine. if you can find this disk, snatch it up quick. they aren't there yet, but bookmark hobo soul and you should be able to find a copy for sale there sooner or later.

what did you do this weekend? ----->

Saturday, November 16, 2002

armageddon time!

well it turns out we're in store for a celestial marvel: NASA says an international team of scientists will share their view of a galactic phenomenon that’s never been seen before at a news briefing at 1 p.m. ET Tuesday at the space agency’s Washington headquarters. The phenomenon, spotted at the heart of a nearby galaxy with the aid of the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, provides an “ominous sign that the galaxy is headed for a catastrophic event,” NASA says. Does that get your attention? well it got mine, and you can be sure that i will fill you all in on what's going on. better start stocking up enough food for you and your offspring cause the next billion years or so is going to be a bumpy ride!

in other news i am going to home depot this morning to buy a bunch of shit. mostly paints and brushes and things of that nature. i also got some new books last night. a small book of verse by a wonderful poet, Frank O'Hara, and then a copy of The Vintage Book of Irish Contemporary Fiction. Im looking forward to both of these a ton. its never boring when you're reading.

ok well its time to head over to the construction castle and feel manly. check all yall later

im listening to bright eyes... you will. you? will. you? will. you? will.

what are you listening to?
what are you reading?
tell me!!---------------------->

Friday, November 15, 2002

f#@K all yall mother f#@kers!

i hate headaches. the word of the weak has been mother fucker, and i think it will continue to be even after this dreaful headache goes away. its not even with the fun of drinking before hand. man i hate stuff like this. ok on to better things

went to the troubador last night and caught a couple of cool acts. although i don't really know too much about em, The Raveonettes (p: raven-ettes) were pretty great. i think they are local. nice oldies kinds of melodies, laced with chris isaak style guitars, and really thick sounds ala SF59. they were pretty great for an opening act. then after some crazy ass puppet show and a musical set that went w a y too long from Miss Pussy Cat and Dr. Quintron, Stereo Total came out and rocked my ass off. i was pretty tired of all the stupid and way too overly excited people that shows by these sorts of bands draw in west hollywood, but i tired to focus on the music. so it was pretty good despite their stupid antics. i dont even want to get into the 100 people that ended up on stage during the encore.

ok its friday, what are you up to this weekend?----->

Thursday, November 14, 2002

speading down the motorway of life

lets get rad this morning.

here's another wonderful article about the up coming leonid meteor showers that are coming up soon!! i know i have talked about them a lot recenty, but you're not going to see em again for another 33 years, and this year is set to be amazing. here's the link right here. you really need to start planning your space gazing trip now. plan to go to a really dark place, away from city lights as much as possible. the peak in the LA area will be from about 1am to 3am on the morning of the 19th. for those of you in other timezones...adjust accordingly.

in other out of this world news, later on today i will be heading out with my man maust to check out some crazy germans. we're going to see Stereo Total tonight in concert. i cant remember where we're seeing them, but its going to be fun. i'll give you all the rundown tomorrow on their hot synthesizer actions. 'lets go to the holiday innnn / and i'll show you somethinnnn'.

in other slightly more serious news, a good friend of mine has moved far far away from me for a while. the illustrious david beeman, drummer for the john wilkes kissing boothe, and long time friend of mine has gone to be with the Lord...and his family in St. Loius. He'll be going to bible college out there and gettin all mid-westernized. Dave posted on Unit64 from time to time as Guadelupe Hidlago, and hopefully he will continue to check in from time to time. he'll be three days on the train back east, so maybe we'll hear form him in a week or so. bye dave..i'll miss you buddy.

who's you favorite drummer??----->

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

the elegant universe

so ive started to catch back up on the quantum theory stuff that i first started studying back in junior high. no kidding, i checked out this book at the local library all about super-string theory, and i have been hooked ever since. more commonly refered to as string theory, or T.O.E. (theory of everything), its looking more and more like the unified field theory linking quantum mechanics and general relativity that baffled Einstein for the last thirty years of his life.

The book that i am reading is the elegant universe by a physicist named Brian Greene. its great, written for regular to above average folks and helps people like you and i understand this crazy ass stuff. interestingly enough, my most favorite blog in the world cosmic log by alan boyle, features a report about some of the building blocks of matter that's highly important to what i was reading just today! check it and see how cool it really is.

for the record, i think that a unified theory of everything is entirely consistent with a christian worldview.

what do you think about multiple dimensions and sting theory?----->

Monday, November 11, 2002

the man comes around

album of the freakin month, by far, is johnny cash / american IV: the man comes around

i borrowed it today from our man mike over at big philistine and man oh man is it amazing. the title track is a biblical dreamscape ripe with imagery and lucid construction. inspired by a dream from seven years ago, john r cash culled these lyrics from over three dozen pages of writing, and exstensive biblical research. its breathtaking

other highlights include covers of trent reznors 'hurt', simon & grafunkles 'bridge over troubled waters' (with fiona apple), and various songs from artists like depeche mode, don henly, the beattles, hank williams and the classic danny boy.

all in all this album is amazing, not just inspite of the large amounts of covers, but in many ways because of them. i HIGHLY reccomend this disc if you have the means.

give your repsect to johnny------>

mark your calendars!!

that's right folks, august 27th 2003 brings us closer to mars than we have been in over 73,000 years!! read all about it here and check out mars getting bigger and brighter every night until then!

monday monday

well lets see, its bright and early on this fall day. school is packed today for university weekend. i hate it with a passion. it's so wonderful to pack another thousand or two people onto our tiny little campus. its a good thing i gave up on going to chapel a long time ago or i would be ready to shoot someone in there this alive

the weekend
well lets see, didn't really do too much. hung out with maust, went out to his house and ate dinner and watched a movie on friday night. my saturday was completely killed by a monsterous headache. it was bad that after getting up in the morning i went right back to sleep for another four hours. i thought my head was going to explode. had a nice dinner of soup and toast with olsen which sort of made me feel better. hit up church on sunday in the LBC, then went back again later for thanksgiving dinner at night. good food good time. then i went to bed early, all so i could rise with the sun and bring you all of this important information. aren't you so excited!

today is going to be full of boring class, lots of people, working on the yearbook, and hopefully getting to see a new strongbad email from homestar

music for the just a killer for your love by blur

whats your problem !!------->

Friday, November 08, 2002


ok the thing cut off the end of my post, but wont let me go abck and edit it. oh well, here's the lin you didn't get in that last one.
sahara it out


goodmorning friends, swedes, countrymen. caught the sahara hotnights last night at the echo on sunset. it was possibly the weirdest crowd of people i have ever seen. there were lots of short kinda greasers, lots of funky beck-like folks, a really weird contingent of seudo-scandanavian looking people, lots of dudes (the non cool kind), lots of sunset weirdos, and then all the people who got the official invite by the swedish consulate. i am serious. throw matt maust and myself into the mix, and you have one hell of a show.

a local group called the snakes opened up, 45 mintues late, but they were pretty decent. nice kinda velvets/black crows thing going on. sounded good. then half an hour after these guys stopped their set, the second act came up. they didnt even bother to have a name. this band, a bizarre mix of styles, was terrible. but they were sooo terrible there was no way it could be by accident. the musicians were very competent. so what had been super annoying about this band mere moments before, became very very funny once we realized it was a big put on. highlight of their set was a song called 'beeper city' 'come on down to beeper city / what's the matter / don't you like money!'

so finally after much too much of these guys, sahara hotnights is up to the plate. after a 45 mintue soundcheck by an amazingly talented frenchman, the crowd got very restless. they taunted this poor guy who was doing exacty what he was supposed to do, and doing it in three different languages. it was pretty funny.

anyway, finally SH finally comes up. o h m y g o s h they were really really good. not to mention that they are all amazing looking in that way that only girls from scandinavian countries can be. i mean have you looked at these people lately... they are amazing!!! their set freakin rocked! jennie threw me her pick, maria sang it like she owned it and shook it like she took it, josephine had wicked rthym all night, and johanna played the bass for me, then gave me a hgh five. all in all it was a pretty amazing experience... i wont go into the whole thing about the black bandito guy, the two tow trucks, the guy who had the hernia opperation, or the older mexican man who was too drunk to remember if he had knocked off a liquor store. man oh man that was only THURSDAY!!

so check out

Thursday, November 07, 2002

the reaccuring kind

well kids its starting to get a little bit chilly out, a wonderful time to talk about warm things like: coffee, parents houses, scarves, thick socks, pea coats, fire places, fleece, sparkely eyes, car heaters on with the windows down, whiskey, whiskey, whiskey, and some more coffee. i am about to put on two more shirts and a tie because i am excited about the coolness....actually it could just be that its 55 in my office, and not really as cold outside.....ok whatever.

the toon after noon----- you will. you? will. you? will. you? will by bright eyes

euro bound

that's right folks, this country boy is going intercontinental again.....and soon. matt maust, tim harris and i are headin off into the wild blue yonder on dec. 27th for the wonderful world that is england/holland/germany. and let me tell you the best round trip.....$295 that's right........i will give you a minute to hate me.

ok so yeah hope you feel better =) anyway my trip is going to be crazy go nuts for sure! lots of photos, lots of spending new years in a foreign country. in other news i already told you about...sahara hotnights tonight at the echo. i will update everyone on how great their music is and how hot they are. and i will let certain inquiring memebers of our reading public know exactly what the inside of the club looks like.

also our good friend E Stein, a regular contributor to Unit 64, a good friend of mine, and in all reality my roommate, has started his own blog that you can feel free to check out every spare second you have. check out Big Philistine here.

ok, tell me the coolest thing you know about europe---->

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

jennie bomb!

holy crap!! it's tuesday morning and there's good music to be heard! coming up on my radar screen this morning are some hot swede ladies, sahara hotnights. it's rare to find an all girl band that is decent let alone good, but these fine young ladies know exactly whats going on. 'jennie bomb' is the culmination of their last three years as band and well worth every minute of play time. im going to go see em on thursday down on sunset at theEcho.

monday night was rock.n.roll as usual, had a fun night hanging out with warkentine eatin some food and listenin to some toons. got some nice free threads from jen kendal, recording artist extrodinaire and hung out with the ladies of el patio.

music for the morning....on top of your world--sahara hotnights

what the hell are you doing !!!-------------->

Monday, November 04, 2002

just because we get around

man oh man, is it ever monday. i've got a huge typography midterm today. i will most lkely fail, but there's no harm in trying.

in other much more exciting news, i had a fun weekend. I took a bunch of photos with maust and warkentine, had some good churchness yesterday and finally got all my boxes unpacked and moved into my room. finally after two month, im beginning to feel like i can hang out at my house and have a spot that's all my own. that's always nice.

i saw a lot of nice tagging this weekend while i was wandering around taking pictures. but none of the stuff compared to this guy right here bansky . check out his sight, that's some pretty amazing stencile work.

music for the morning --- my generation -- the who