Saturday, January 28, 2006

list of lists

so here's a list of lists that i am writing. i am writing these lists to make what i have to say a little bit easier, a little more classy, a little less crass. a little bit easier to relay to you, my friends, and a couple of randoms who always seem to check in...

Monday: coffee & cigarettes
Tuesday: coffee & cigarettes
Wednesday: ceral, coffee & cigarettes
Thursday: coffee & cigarettes
Friday: my pillow

BBQ (5)
pole saw (2)
table (1)
chairs (4)
fungicide (4 liters)
sprayer (2)
lawnmower (1)
fire pit (2)
plants (40-60)
bullshit (all)


vintage 8'2" long board
brand new bag for long board
brand new wetsuit
two sets of vintage dishes, one from each of amanda's grandmothers (deceased)
four boxes of seldom used, brand new kitchen implements from when we got married
my entire star wars collection, totalling over 2000+ items
a Dual record player, plus plynth in primo condition
christmas decorations from my childhood, including but not limited to the stocking my mother made for me on which she hand-crafted an image of E.T.
my circular saw
one antique brass lamp from amanda's grandparents
one vintage 1950 zenith clock radio, working
vintage leather suitcase in nice condition
& many other things i have yet to remember.

i've figured to be a loss of around $5-8k depending on market values on same collectors items
i still feel like throwing up.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

i [heart] vinyl

oh man, i love bargin hunting. salvation army find. this $1 record turns out to be worth a little more than one hundred times what i paid for it. oh ricky you're so fine.

ricky nelson

second full-length release from the vintage heart-throb. crisp corners, no ring wear on sleeve. not a pop or crackle to be found on this mono gem of an LP. this is why i buy vinyl all the time!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

dropping in to say hi (or wtf have i been doing) - the remix

free fall

it's a good question...

really i have just been working, thinking, ripping plants out of dirt, not cutting my hair or shaving, and trying to figure shit out. good to see all of you guys and girls a lot recently. drinks in pasadena was great, as was the new years gig in the LBC. nice to see the seldom seen faces of those of you who are far-flung. reunions of this sort are my favorite.

the new year has brought about some planning, a doctor visit, and plenty of drity dishes, house cleaning, and some nice christmas gifts to put to good use. i got a wet suit and a travel bag for my surf board. both nice, both as-yet, unused. this needs to be remedied soon.

as for planning, im going back to school in a couple of weeks. i will be graduating come june time. this is a must. after that i plan on teaching like the wife for a couple years, then going to grad school. im planning on pursuing architecture. i think this will be a good fit for me. there's a couple of schools i have in mind, but i'd rather tell you in person or something. it just feels weird to talk about it on here for some reason. but that's the plan. all i ever think about it how much i hate so many things that i see, because they're designed poorly. i want to fix that. i want to design. i want to build.

i went to the eye doctor this last week. i am getting new glasses for the first time in about four or five years. they are huge. they are black. they are retarded looking. i love them. i'll post a picture when they are back from being created some time this week.

other than that, i've just been working with the plants, and hanging out with amanda. she goes back to work tomorrow after three weeks off. she's dreading going back, but i am sure that it will be fine. she has made a couple changes lately as well. instead of taking a lot longer to get her credential through the school district, she's going to go back to our alma mater and get it done as fast as possible. she also wants to pick up a job on the weekends to bring in some extra cash and to have something to do. i think she's crazy, but i won't stop her unless it starts to take a toll on her health or something.

anyway, not much else to talk about. send me some emails or something. also, check out this fantastic blog. it's got a lot of the stuff that makes me really excited about architecture.