Thursday, October 31, 2002

not for another 30 years!

i know i talked about this a little bit before, sometime last week i think, but i really want to let people know about the leonid meteor showers coming up in november. this shower, the last in a series that started in 1999, is created by a comet that orbits the sun every 33 years or so. After this years shower, the leonids wont be seen again until 2033! check out all the information that you need to know about this great opportunity to see 40 shooting stars a minute!! it's coming up in the middle of november, so don't waste any time and click right here

so yeah please check it out, you'll be glad you did

meeting people is easy

had a great night last night the the mauster, watched 'meeting people is easy' about amazing, mind numbing experience. my head still kinda hurts form being overwhelmed with

so yeah it looks like germany/amsterdam is in the works from christmas/new years. couple of friends, couple of cameras, a pea coat and mittens and crap. any body know where i can score a nice warm pea coat for cheap? being warm might be important.

oh yeah....its halloween, i nearly forgot. i sitll haven't figured out what i am going to do today, but im sure it will all come together. i CAN tell you what i am going to go do right now....get a breakfast burrito.

what's your favorite halloween memory? ------>

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

war of the worlds!

so it's the 64th anniversary of the original all-hallow's-eve broadcast of War of the World's preformed by orson welles and the mercury theater company. in my opinion this is one of the greatest media coups/hoaxes of ALL TIME. incredibly enough it is really hard to find a listen to anymore. i combed through the holdings of like 15 area libraries and found one copy of the original radio a hundred miles from here. so i did what every college student should do in the first place....i looked it up on the net. i now present, for your listening pleasure....war of the worlds
(remember its an hour long, and you'll want a good internet connection....and some popcorn to share with a friend.) i listened to the whole thing tonight...and man that must have been a trip back in 1938. wowza

in other news i looked amazing in my cowboy hat today. i listened to musics and read books. lots of coffee

music of the evening......blur self titled

what's your favorite radio memory?------->


so im thinking of picking up a medium format camera. i think that it would be a good investment as far as my art stuff goes. I've found a really good deal on a used hasselblad here in LA and way closer to my price range than buying new. hasselblads are the frickin Bently of the camera world. sky high prices for sky high quality. but who can complain with the amazing color saturation and large negatives (6cmX6cm, or 350% bigger than a 35mm negative)

anyway a trip to europe might be in the work for me and friend between Christmas and New Year. Does anyone know if its cheaper to fly on the actual holiday? let me know....

im also looking for some good anti-party hang out stuff to do for halloween. any ideas? ------>

Monday, October 28, 2002


nother monday mornin coming down the pike. i gotta get a new fan-belt for my car today sometime, that thing is squeeling like a mofo. i have this feeling it will be like trying to stretch the kind of rubber bands you wear with braces, around the cogs and wheels of my oil-leaking motor. fun fun fun

in others news, you wanna vote for the first words to be said on mars? i thought you would....(right) anyway if you like outerspace, like i do, you can find the voting spot on Its too late to submit your own entry now, but you can read all the other really smart and really stupid things that people had to say. check it out

also, since its monday there will be a new strongbad email on homestarrunner from our really great friend StongBad. i am still awesome......seriously

music playing in my head right now....cast no shadow, oasis

what's playing in your head?------->

Thursday, October 24, 2002

sparkle shower

it's getting to be that time of the year again, time to turn our gazes skyward, catching the celestial dust storm in full swing. The leonid meteor shower is coming up soon. you can expect to see about 40 shooting sparks per minute from north american viewing points. you can learn all about when to watch here

in other news that is close to my interstellar oregon heart... no more dark skies. how many stars can you see at night when you look up? if you live where i live know its like 6 on any given night. that's inexcusable. well the dark-sky movement is here to help. they are an anti light-pollution group, advocating responsible lighting to reduce light pollution into the night and wasting of power. you can check out or you can learn all about it really quickly at one of my very favorite blogs about the cosmos. check out alan boyle's cosmic log

what's your favorite star gazing memory?------->

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

and we all fall down

maybe if i watched television i would have heard about this sooner or something, but i just happened to read about it today. apparently, the entire infrastructure of the internet was attacked yesterday in a massive denial of service attack of unknown origin. amazingly, although 7 of the 13 root servers that power the intenet were affected, traffic was not slowed at any noticable level. read all about it and the on going investigation here

what do you want to destroy?------------>

that's no moon...

well it's obi-wan wednesday, a day to celebrate star wars, space and all things etherial. you can check out cool stuff at my friend paganini's site its called etherien and she is all about the coolness. there's all sorts of stuff going on out there in the heavenly realms, and you can learn more about space right here. and the numero uno all time coolest site for everything you want to know about star wars is

so all you celestial dudes and ladies, let me know whats rattling around in your star cruiser------------>

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

the sun is often out

too many sad days, too many tuesday mornings. another day at the office. not too much going on around here, just lots of typing, coffee drinking and loud brit pop. i came up with an amazingly cool idea last night about non-locational ambient lighting, but i don't want to go into it too much.....this idea could rocket me out of poverty.....right along with rock'n'roll crayons.

music for the morning is brit pop fun times, oasis & the longpigs

what's your favorite brit pop song?----------->

Sunday, October 20, 2002


twenty one years ago today, i saw an airplane for the first time. it flew over my house in milwaukie, oregon on its way to pdx i stared and stared at that shiny flying machine and i was hooked. of course i don't actually remember this, i can imagine that i do, but who knows. my mom kept amazing journals for my little sister and myself, so i know all sorts of stuff about my childhood i don't remember. thanks mom =)

what's your favorite way to travel? ----------->

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

on to mars!

so you wanna go to mars with me? i am sending my name to mars on a cd that nasa is creating free of charge! click on this link and sign your self up. but do it quick, its only going to be around for another month or so.

anyway i got get back to sorting through stuff here at home. tell me something, anything! ---------------------->

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

cold cold ground

i walked around barefoot this morning in my backyard here at home. the grass was soaking wet with dew and the sun shine was warm on my shoulders, even though it was 39 outside. listened to some good toons and got down to cleaning the house to help out my little sister cause she is never home anymore. its sad to be here without mom and stuff, but i am doing ok. i just do everything the way that she would have done it, and it seems to make me feel a little bit better. i put out here favorite table cloth, listened to music she would have liked, and watered her plants. i still wish she was here though. i miss her a lot.

in other news, the cable is getting hooked back up here at home today, i can finally do what i love to do the most here at the news and drink coffee =)
i test drove a fun car yesterday, the subaru WRX sport wagon. 227horse power and a top speed of 158........screaming fast. you can check it out here

miss me?? send me a ------------------------>

Monday, October 14, 2002

puppy lap

well friends, i am safe and sound in oregon. im hanging out in my living room with my sister's new puppy on my lap. her name is sister, but she gets called sissy a lot. she's a tiny, brown dauschand (sp?) or weiner dog =) she's going to be a long hair so she kinda looks like a tiny cocker spaniel with a weird face right now. but she really really cute and has already found her bark. she's about 3 months old.

shouldn't be too much to update on. im going to the store today to buy some contact solution. i forgot mine. blast

what's your favorite state of the union??? -------------------->

Friday, October 11, 2002

columbus day '62

its a banner day in the history of my family today. 40 years ago a storm wailed through my hometown so swiftly and strongly that it burned itself into the memories of anyone around. a huge cedar tree in my grandma's yard blew over and knocked the entire front porch off of the house. four feet further west and it would have taken out the corner of the house with the wood stove burning inside. who knows if the house would be standing. my mom talked about it constantly this time of year for as long as i can remember. "there was blowing glass, and power lines snaking all over the place, and i could fully lean into the wind. it was crazy"

wat's the craziest storm you've been in? ------------>

free college!

so MIT has decided to offer its entire course content online.....for free. This article talks about how amazing it is. in fact i think i am going to catch some of that stuff in my free time from now on. it's so exciting to see an institution finally embracing the open source knowledge model!!! its another step in the right direction for higher education.

in other leaving for oregon today. i will be back in a week or so. bye

Thursday, October 10, 2002

dark roast

well another day without the luxury of being able to drink the coffee i want to. whenever i go into the coffee place they always have tons and tons of the lamest coffee made. its always light and mild roast, never anything dark or robust or rich at all. it drives me crazy!!!!! i want french blend, or turkish or italian mud in a nice demitas cup give it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

starting next week though (while i am gone) we will finally have other options for coffee consumption here on campus aside from the usual. there is going to be a cart set up on the walk way somewhere near the library and they are going to serve Seattle's Best Coffee. i am really excited about this and its about time some good coffee was served around here. until then i will be sipping the good stuff back home in oregon

how do you take your coffee?----------------->

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

buy me a book!

so yeah there are some really dope books going to auction this week at Christy's in new york. my birthday was in june, and i am very partial to hemingway. check the link, the article is good stuff.

in other news, had some good dinner tonight with some good buddies. good coffee good music tonight. U2/achtung baby

tell me about your favorite U2 song or thoughts here------------->

man on the moon(s)?

every single planet that has been discovered outside of our solar system so far have been gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn, nothing earth sized. but what's to say these giants dont have earth sized moons??? many scientist conject that moons may harbor life not only in far distant solar systems, but also right here at home. the leading candidate is Europa, a satellite of Jupiter. click here to find out more about moon men

if you want to find some great resources about Europa find em here

well its hump day again (i really wanted to say that) and i'm leaving for oregon the day after tomorrow. fear not though, your favorite blog about space and music will be updated even while i am gone. and yes...we do have the internet....even in the woods =)

wish me well for my upcoming journey right here---------------->

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

cover song!

oh man oh man!!! what a night of cover songs. first is was the otis redding penned 'that's how strong my love is' performed by the rolling stones, then a reprise of the same track by creation. oh man oh man, and now i hear the cover song of the night the oft recorded cheap trick hit 'i want you to want me' as performed by none other but the amazing dwight yoakam. that's right ladies and lives in this city and dwight is his name.

what's your favorite cover song (right now, or ever)-------------->


a lovely foggy drive on the way to school this morning. i didn't even see the sun until i got here to my office. i wish it would be full on winter for a day here. snow, blowing dried leaves, freezing rain, the whole would be worth it just to see everyone's faces. but i digress

working on some work stuff and homework this morning. rockin the casbah all afternoon later on.
music for the morning is a great wilco bootleg mattmaust made for me

let's hmmmm
Bono is voted the most powerful man in music, check it out here
had an interesting talk last night about if man has really been on the moon, or if it was a big hoax. you can read more about it and get a feel for the people that think so by checking this link

do you think we went to the moon?? ---------------->

Monday, October 07, 2002

planet X found!

scientists shared their findings today about a new planet found beyond pluto. however it brings up the debate about whether pluot is really a planet at all. in fact some scientists believe a body even larger than that of pluto may be out there still. planet X or not, you can read all about it right here
also, check out this dude...scary stuff!

i have to go back to typography class now, but here's a question:

what would you name a planet that you discovered? -------------->

take me back to the start

a week from today i will be back at home in rainy oregon, basking in the warmth of a fire in my grandma's woodstove. she will be making me coffee and toast and asking me over and over again if i am hungry for more food. i can't wait to take my trip up there, life on the road is always good for me.

i hung out with mattmaust this weekend, it was fantastic. we watched ferris beuler from the first time it was broadcast on television in the '80's.

in space news, well kind of older stuff, but whatever.....check out this lucky lady in the UK. frozen crap from airplanes, this stuff ain't. i also heard a little bit about the Mars Express mission this weekend on NPR. The European Space Agency is sending a mars lander up in june 2003 to collect data from the red planet. instead of beaming back computer data to signal its safe landing it will be sending back music by the brit pop band blur. how freakin cool is that!check it out here
also on the mission is some other really cool artistic stuff......but i can't find any links, sorry everyone.

music for the moring coldplay / a rush of blood to the head

what music would you beam back from another planet? ----------->a

Saturday, October 05, 2002

sweet weekend

just a little weekend update. matt's art opening was great last night. it was fun to see lots of artistic people in artistic clothes. the work was great and the lamentations played a great set right there in the gallery. hit up the harbor house afterwords with nate rose for some good eats with some fun friends. who knows whats going to happen later on tonight.

what are you up to this weekend ------------------->

Friday, October 04, 2002

and summer ends

it is a day for fall-like things: cigarettes at night, wood fires, steaming coffee and duets.
song of the morning is girl from the north country performed by dylan and cash

if you could perform a a song with anyone in the whole world, who would it be------->

Thursday, October 03, 2002

black with ink

the topic of the morning is: where would you take a road trip to right now, with who and why:

i would drive to wyoming,
with my old dog margi,
in my dad's old '52 dodge pickup
and i would let jeff tweedy ride in the bed and sing road songs.

what would you do?? ------------>

begin the begin

it's the beginning of another day. lets all rejoice and be glad. another day without shoutouts....great......

right, moving along. it's really early, still yesterday (wednesday) for me really. might go to the studio tonight to record some of the jams by the artists of the day, the sheep tew. they are rockin a field near euw coming up very soon.

if you like comedy, check out homestarrunner it's a real riot in your face type of fun.

obviously no one is going to---------->

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

knives out!

so its time to discuss radiohead. they are the topic. they are really the musicians with the mothership. even if they were farmers, they would be out standing in the field. tell me about your favorite radiohead song. mine is called 'fog'

you know what to do-------->

to do list:

so what's at the top of your to do list for life? i haven't really seriously poured over mine in some time, so i am starting a new one.

i would really like to wash my car, have a nice cup of coffee by a fire, smell some cut grass while the air is brisk.
what do you want to do today? you know what to do......

i hate school

i have a real problem my friends. i never seem to be able to drag my sorry ace to class. i skip class a lot and that's not good. truly though i don't care too much at all. i am skipping all of my classes this morning to prepare for a math test that i have this afternoon. this stuff is soooo stupid. that math is easy stuff, but we are learning about this history of math so i have to know how the egyptians did multiplication, and man is it hard.

ok enough complaining. i get to go home in like a week or so and that will be freakin great. its going to be cold and stuff. its amazing that things like that will happen when you go to a place that has seasons!!!

the noise of the morning is the damned cricket that lives here in my office. you know what to do...

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

skandanavia fest!

so i wouldn't mind traveling to places filled with cobblestone, amazing architecture and snow. not to mention all the sweet caribou jerky and all those 'ya uh hmms' you would always hear people say. i can just imagine it now......

musical interlude the white album

sleep the clock around

it is the time of the afternoon for sitting around with friends, drinking coffee and smoking leaves of plants rolled in mashed up and dried bark of trees. it is a time to wear jean jackets, listen to the musics and move around the country in a reasonable fashion taking in this sights and sounds.

your assignment is to go outside and do the above. go sit with your friends. tell them only to move to St Loius if they really feel they should. drink coffee and scuff your shoes on bricks. buy them little trinkets and say farewell.

i need a jeepster.

space boy dream

oh what a beautiful morning...oh what a beautiful day...i've got a wonderful feeling..everything's going my way.

my mom used to sing that to me in the morning, really loudly so that i would get out of bed. it was really annoying but it always made me smile anyway. but yeah it's a beautiful morning. its all grey and cool and everything is that sort of winterchilllightafireandeatlotsoffoodanddrinkcoffeeallday sort of feeling. i like it a lot.

there's lots of new music in the house this morning. album of the day so far is the boy with the arab strap by belle & sebastian
matt picked this album up for me last night and its rockin.

send me your shout outs about fall and memories