Wednesday, December 21, 2005

kc connection

hanging out

so grant was here last weekend for his brother's graduation and we got to hang out for a bit here at my house. we got to have some beers and catch up, and it was awesome. such a welcome respite from work and all sorts of business.

today i'm driving amanda half way to her parents house and handing her off to her dad. i have to stick around here in whittier to work today, tomorrow, and saturday before i head up for my 36 hour christmas break. i wish it was going to be a bit longer, but it will just have to do. i'll be seeing you guys at the new years party, but i have to work at 7am new years day, so i'll probably have to keep it low key.

oh yeah, i signed up for netflicks finally. add me to your friends list, it's my gmail address.

here's to you!!!


Friday, December 02, 2005

john wesley coldwar


COLD WAR KIDS: EXTRA CRASS IN PUBLIC The Cold War Kids like Dylan so much they were able to pull together the costumes for the photo shoot in about six hours (and with one extra trip to the thrift store for the pirate hat). They have self-released an EP of Mekons punk and Loudon Wainwright country and they are beginning a residency at the Silverlake Lounge. They meet for breakfast burritos late one night at the Brite Spot.

this week the cold war kids get a write up in L.A. Record. You can find these things in and around L.A. and Long Beach. the free poster/magazine always does their covers with bands done up as famous record covers. i thought the cwk turned out pretty cool. they've got the main big interview in the issue too, so i'm looking forward to checking that out. here's a link to all their past covers this year so far.