Thursday, September 23, 2004

white wedding

billy idol

well kids, im off to the islands with my bride to be tonight.
keep a good eye on the neighborhood while i am gone
kids have been asking, so here's a shameless plug.
amanda and i are registered at crate&barrel, macy's and target

catch you on the flipside

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

the sweetness follows

sorry it's been a bit of time since any new content came up here folks, but things are pretty busy for me. getting married in less than two weeks, and there are tons of things that need to be taken care of before hand.

bachelor party this weekend. if you don't know about it, or haven't been invited or whatever, contact sycz, gloyd or maust, they will give you the hookup. you can email me if you need their contact info. we're going to be heading up to grover beach to chill out and maybe do some surfing or something. talk to the guys though, cause they are planning the activities.

i've got tons of funny stories, and tons and tons of new stuff hanging around here in the house to talk about. but i don't know if i will get to it today what with work, wedding prep, and waiting for the freaking cable guy to get here and hook us up the bomb.

anyone remember when i posted about the morons who i didn't want to rent our old place next door??? well they did. they are the most white-trash people i have had the dis-pleasure to live near EVER. and yeah, i used to live in a trailer park and that was way better. seriously.

anyway i gotta go run some errands now. peace

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


well the move has begun. most of the stuff is over in the new place, but there's a lot of stuff still here in the old place... including this desk and the computer that is sitting on it. tomorrow gloyd and sycz are going to come over and help me move the last of the big stuff. mattresses, the fridge, dining room table etc. it will be good to get into the new place. it feels older than this apartment, and that's super important to me. the new place has more of the original stuff from before the house was broken up into seperate pieces, and its really cool. instead of 90 degree corners between the walls and ceiling, it has the nice curved transitions and those are really cool. getting finished with this move will be great. we'll have a nice office, a huge living room, and much much bigger bedroom, and only one bathroom to clean, instead of two like we have now. (one of which turned into defacto storage area, so much so you couldn't even use it for anything)

then there's wedding stuff (19 days and counting from today {wednesday} until the big day). I really really need to sell my car to help take care of some bills, honeymoon and my bike (don't worry, i'm not paying retail) for when i get back. if you know anyone who needs a super reliable '85 volvo wagon for $1500, please please please drop me an email. its getting really busy and tight money wise, but i wont bore you with all the tidling little details. if you're curious, email me or ask me later.

well back to moving books and vinyl over to the new place. hopefully i will update from the new place tomorrow after some more of the stuff gets moved. i'll be saying hello to free wireless courtesy of the girls upstairs! (c00l)

Friday, September 03, 2004

weekend suck-ness

well i thought that this was going to be a cool weekend, spent at the in-laws (soon to be) beach house near pismo, with a wedding for one of amanda's friend's nearby. I was looking forward to cooler temps, maybe a little bit of surfing, and just general good pre-wedding (ours) relaxation. unfortunately, i got scheduled to close saturday night, and work all day sunday. no one at my starbucks could cover me, so i called six others to check there. nothin....

so that means i will be picking up amanda from work tonight (friday) at 12:30am and drving straight up to pismo. then we'll hit up the wedding at noon, have some cake, and come right back down here. then i will work from 9pm until 2am. Then i will come home, try to sleep, and then be back at work from 10:45 until 6:15 on sunday. super suckiness to ensue. to top it off i also got scheduled for next weekend, when i was hoping to get the crew together for a bachellor party. i am sure that this whole thing could get worse, but it feels pretty crappy right now. hopefully between now and next weekend i will be able to find some folks to cover those shifts. lets all pray ok? thanks!

a song about decals

here's a cool song from john prine about unbridled flag waving in the face of the facts. written in the vietnam era, buut strangely applicable today!

While digesting Reader's Digest
In the back of a dirty book store,
A plastic flag, with gum on the back,
Fell out on the floor.
Well, I picked it up and I ran outside
Slapped it on my window shield,
And if I could see old Betsy Ross
I'd tell her how good I feel.

But your flag decal won't get you
Into Heaven any more.
They're already overcrowded
From your dirty little war.
Now Jesus don't like killin'
No matter what the reason's for,
And your flag decal won't get you
Into Heaven any more.

Well, I went to the bank this morning
And the cashier he said to me,
"If you join the Christmas club
We'll give you ten of them flags for free."
Well, I didn't mess around a bit
I took him up on what he said.
And I stuck them stickers all over my car
And one on my wife's forehead.

Repeat Chorus:

Well, I got my window shield so filled
With flags I couldn't see.
So, I ran the car upside a curb
And right into a tree.
By the time they got a doctor down
I was already dead.
And I'll never understand why the man
Standing in the Pearly Gates said...

"But your flag decal won't get you
Into Heaven any more.
We're already overcrowded
From your dirty little war.
Now Jesus don't like killin'
No matter what the reason's for,
And your flag decal won't get you
Into Heaven any more."