Thursday, January 22, 2004

house painter

so its been a bit, but im back here on the net. still no cell phone bill that has been paid, but soon. i want to make sure that i can cover my rent and what not, but i will have my voice out there on the airwaves soon.

so im painting houses for a living now. its fun, and fulfilling and it pays pretty good too. i should be back int he money soon and that will be nice. there are things to be saved for in the near future.

other things in life are going better and better all the time. amanda and i are officially back together and putting everything back in its right place as far as our relationship goes. i couldn't be happier. to those of you who were praying, im so thankful and i can't show that enough. if you know me, you know what i mean.

so i will try and update this thing more often, and i should be able to do that more often once school starts in a couple weeks. i will be taking 6 unis or so, working on the news paper, and painting full time. i will be busy, but i think i will be happier. the break from full time school at the university will be wonderful. much less of that stuff to put up with. oh yeah check out the ahdrew link up top, he's posted some good stuff.

love to you all-->