Thursday, October 28, 2004

hmm mm mm wireless... weakly

well i found a spot in my house where i can pick up wireless, but for some reason, the signal from the girl upstairs no loner has the robust boost it used to. so i am working on about 60% of the normal, and small to being with, bandwidth of normal. so here's a post from me: sitting on the floor, legs underneath my coffee table, listening to kcrw

we've got a pretty full weekend ahead of us. tomorrow we're doing the paper work for the newer, cooler, cheaper place we are moving into. then after that is through, we're driving up to her parent's house for our first continental wedding reception. it should be a pretty full evening of hanging out and meeting people for the first time who are giving us nice gifts. there are going to be over 100 people there according to the rsvp's.

as i type this, my wi-fi signal is moving from full to empty, full to empty. lame.

i'm excited to post some pics from the new place (which we will be moving into on the 25th of november) and pics from our wedding, once we actually get the url for our pictures from our photographer. its been a month since the wedding, and so far... nothing. anyway you'll see it as soon as i do.

i think i am going to go to mimo's now and have a sammich. if you haven't heard, and barring that i hate you or something, our reception here in whittier is next weekend, Nov 6th from 6:30pm - 10:30pm, at our house in whittier. if you need directions, email me. we're registered at crate&barrel, macy's & target.

oh yes, please vote this next tuesday. its so so so so so important

Friday, October 22, 2004


what a beautiful day it is today, what a wonderful time sit down inside infront of a computer, and type words.

im married. its cool. im getting used to wearing a ring. i took it off to change a tire on the volvo like a week ago. i put it back on. good times.

getting ready for our reception at amanda's parents house in wasco next weekend. i guess there are going to be like a hundred people there. i might know like 5 of them. that should be weird and funny.

my internet has been down for about a week or so. i don't think that there is anything that i can do about it, since i borrow wireless from the girl upstairs. oh well, being here at the bayou is nice too. im listening to achtung baby by U2. this album just never gets old, what a fantastic thing.

amanda and i are moving again just before thanksgiving. we found a much much cheaper place on greenleaf that's really cool. its a loft style thing in an older house. huge upstairs finished attic. relly realyl ig, with a cool downstairs and nice bathroom. the owner is also going to put in a really big opening skylight for us, so that will be cool.

still working at starbucks, and amanda is working full time while trying to find a position in here field. if you know any cool writing/editing/photography jobs, please email me. that would be awesome.

btw, if you haven't heard, we're having our recpetion at our house in whittier on the evening of november 6th. if you need more details, once again, email me. as soon as i have a link for our wedding photos i will post it and a couple of them. drop some comments and let me know you are still out there.