Monday, September 30, 2002

the strike

pretty soon, once i have seen most of it already, i am going to go on strike from earth. i am not really down with it, so i am going to leave. i am going to start a nice little settlement on mars! where others can come and live as well. the planet will no longer be called mars but mars!. (just so you know the difference)

the economy will be gift based and not very capitalist. it will all be very nice and everyone will be friends, except for people who aren't. but then you just wont give em stuff unless you need to trade for stuff, then you would. but yeah, our town would be under a huge clear tent thing so we could breath and stuff. then later once we made the atmostphere viable we could take it down, but that would be like the kids kids or something cause it would be a while.

anyway that's the idea. if you want to go with, just shout out. i am currently taking sign ups.


well its monday. i rocked the swimming pool this morning during life guard training. i guess it helps that i was life guard for five years, but whatever. it would also help if there were lots of hot and helpless girls to save. but there's only ugly girls in my class. crap for brains

a couple great new guys named nate moved into my house this weekend. one afternoon, nate and his other friend nate went to the angels game, then later when they got back it was me, nate, nate and his friend nate and the first nate's girlfriend who we all think acts like she is 14 years old. i also hung out with my girlfriend and matt this weekend and had like 400 grilled cheese sandwhiches. it was great. i am listening to coldplay, but the song of the day is everybody to the limit by strong bad

shout out if you like crap for brains

Friday, September 27, 2002


well folks, its getting closer and closer to winter and one look at your window tells you its true. our high today may reach the fridgid mark of...73 degrees. can someone please bring me a scarf. brrrrrrrrrrr at least it isn't freakin 90 again or something. oh well

i spent my evening last night watching a really amazing episode of ER. I won't really say much about it cause i don't want to ruin it for those of you who may have missed it, but wow. had that been real it would have been a very crazy time at the hospital.

so it's friday, the end of another long week. there's some fun stuff coming up next week though: my buddy is having a gallery opening of his newest body of work in Long Beach. you can check out his site at although the show information might not be on there. if you want more info shout it out and i will hook you up.

ok i am going to go get a refill on my coffee cup. there's no music so far for the morning because i haven't listened to a single song. its been a morning of slience. rock n roll stil lives though.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

my g-g-g-g-generation!

its all about the who tonight they are the band of the evening as far as i am concerned. and i am in charge around here damnit!!!

does anyone know a good attorney who would be willing to do some pro-bono stuff for me? let me know...

not much really going on. i had a great time tonight hanging out with some friends. good music, good times. gotta go put some more oil in the benz.

topic for shout outs: should we colonize other planets and moons if we are able??? shout it out!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

i do want to go to chelsea!

new york would be marvelous right about now. i can just imagine walking down a wet street by bakeries and deli's and mini marts. snag some lucky's and just drift through the city. maybe i would use an old map of some other town as a guide. maybe it could even rain. hmmmm

well there goes another day....almost. its time once again for a wonderful little thing i've come to know as hell. my weekly meeting with my boss and my mid-level management brothers. oh joy. another hour and a half of my poor life wasted. i sure cant wait to look back on these precious moments someday as i lay dying surrounded by people i actually want to spend more time with. but maybe that is a bit too much of an over statement......kind of.

at least i have good friends and a wonderful girl that i love. at least life isnt a complete nothing right now.

i am once again listening to lastyearsmodel by elvis costello

a wish for seasons

it's officially fall now, despite what the thermometers show. my wish today is for seasons: hot summers, temperate springs, brisk autumns and frigid winters. i'm excited about my trip back to the northwest in about three weeks. wonderful 75-80 degree days and cold nights in the 40's, i can't wait.

in news this early morning i am meeting with a prof from the art department to express my concern for the collapse of the entire department. i do not like paying $24,000 a year to be "taught" by adjunct's. i am not learning a damn thing aside from my own personal reading. this is rediculous. so i will update with whatever developes from my meeting.

yesterday i built a really nice house for a monkey friend of mine. his name is marc and he lives in mattmaust's cubical at work. so i made him a really nice studio apartment, furnished with a fine rug, mural, fridge, bed and a very nice window. if you ever get the chance to check it out, you really should. it's beautiful.

music for the morning... the actual tigers

Monday, September 23, 2002

summer cold

having a cold in the 'summer' really sucks. so that means having a cold in southern california really sucks almost year round. with the near 100 degree temperatures outside, i am about ready to kill myself. so if you see me around today and i dont hear just because my head is entirely full of a green slimy mucus.

in other news i am planning on completely revamping my entirely life. i have no idea what this means, or how it will take shape. however something is brewing. i will continue to wear my pink shirt for the rest of the day no matter what though. that is all.

Saturday, September 21, 2002


this morning has been consumed by the red planet and other nearby celestial neighbors. my dream has always been to go to the red planet. i used to dream of space when i was a kid and i am kinda sad that i have let myself drift away a little bit over the years. if you're interested in learning more about how earth might explore other planets or moons there are lots of resources at your disposal. one of my personal favorites was a trilogy of books by Kim Stanley Robinson respectively titled Red, Green and Blue Mars. they revolve around the scientific and cultural struggle involved in creating a society of humans on mars. check them out at your local book store.

i would go to space for sure, provided i could take some tunes with me
music for the morning elvis costello, thisyearsmodel

Friday, September 20, 2002


each and every day we have the chance to become the person that we would really deep down like to be. often times i find myself limiting my own possibilities by chalking up my choices as the fault of events in my life. im pretty sick of that. i can better my life, and the lives of those around me in so many more ways than i do now, its pretty sad. so i need to choose to make those choices that will serve the ultimate goal, and that is to be as much like christ as i can be. help me out here aint going to be easy. take a second and see if you need to consider this as well (you do).

song of the day....the wanderer johnny cash/U2

baby aligators in the sewer

well its friday, so many possibilities for everything. here's a little history about friday.

What could possibly be so bad about Friday? Most people look forward to Fridays, as it is the end of the workweek for many. Hence the ever popular slogan T.G.I.F. Friday’s ill-fated day in superstition is believed to result from the belief that it was the day of the week on which Eve tempted Adam and Christ was crucified. Among the activities viewed as taboo to do on a Friday are: setting sail on a ship; moving house; beginning any new work; writing a letter; knitting; starting a journey; and, believe it or not, cutting your nails. In both England and America the custom to hang criminals on a Friday earned it the reputation of Hangman’s day. Although, it seems one activity offers some promise on a Friday - sleeping. The thought is, if you repeat the dream you had during the night to a family member on Friday morning the dream would come true. It is certainly worth a try, assuming of course you only tell your family about the dreams you want to come true.

so many crazy pagans! anyway my friday is getting off to a rockin start, lots of music and coffee.....mmm i need a donut!
song of the morning fog, radiohead

Thursday, September 19, 2002


i would someday like to name an island. it would be a tortuous process i am sure. it would also be really hard to decide what to put on it. i would have many inspirations, including but not limited to: James Bond movies, rock'n'roll, ladies, modernism, SI (not sports illustrated) and Bill Cosby.

so let us discuss: what would you bring to your island and where would it be?

this day, brought to us all by God, goes out to mattmaust and a certain bear who wears a polkadot tie

the euro-sex mini mullet

today i introduced a new and extremely hip hair style set to sweep through the artistic crowd of your local community colleges and coffee houses over the coming fall fashion season. i call it the euro-sex mini-mullet. It will have to be seen to be believed, as no description will do it justice. needless to say, during my 7:30am meeting, all of the attention was on my hair. to recieve a detailed set of styling directions, send a shout out as a request.

in other news, my CCCP jacket was also a big hit with my superiors during the meeting this morning. any attention not lavished on my amazing hair style was used in glancing at my bulging, commie enblazoned chest.

more updates as news developes
album of the morning... kid A

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

the ancients

so i decided in light of the recent loss of such a wealth of information with the passing of my mom, i really should begin to trace as much of my family tree as i can before i lose the opportunity to talk with people who have first hand knowledge of relatives. i think i will write to my dad and ask him to sit down with his dad and try to come up with as complete a picture of my blood line as they can. i don't even know my great-grand parents names on that side or anything. who knows.... i could be your cousin. what a strange world we live in.

this is also the week of vacationing oregonians. my friends garrett and jesse are down this week and today i got another phone call from an old friend who is going to be in the area. absolute madness ensues!

i have a rip roaring head ache. so out with the rock music for now, on with the caffeine and Nat King Cole
song for the moment stardust

swimfan...i am not

i have come to the conclusion that i am not made to swim outdoors in the morning. its just too damned cold. lifeguarding with a class full of people who don't know how to save each other is a load of fun too. at least i know whats going on. the water also does great things to my hair and that rocks the casbah. music for the morning... the shins - 'oh, inverted world'

now i have to go swim for another hour. no sun, no joy

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

6'3" slovakian waitress babes

went out to a fine italian meal with a couple of my high school buddies from oregon and mattmaust this evening. we dined in style at cicero's italian american eatery in lovely whittier (yeah its really in whittier). oddly enough no one who works at cicero's is italian. they have slavs and poles and brits and some crazy old women, but no italians. the food was amazing, the portions large, and the conversation was non-repeatable. all the trimming of a wonderful evening. but i am here in my office once again and about to head into another amazingly boring meeting for work. i hate night meetings, they are the worst. at least i get to go in looking like some crazy hooligan. i am so glad we dont have a dress code for these things...

oh yeah... song of the day goes to...20th Century Boy by T Rex

the spanish clap

i think one of the most annoying things in the history of concert going is what i will call 'the clap'. I mentioned earlier that i got my hands on a copy of a radiohead concert from Salamanca, Spain. it's an obvious, although good quality for THE MOST ANNOYING CLAPPING IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! Citizens of Spain, i implore you, put your damn hands down, stop rushing the drummer and just listen to the music. there's nothing like hearing a brand new song i haven't heard before ruined by a bunch of drunk iberians. the moors can have that forsaken country as long as they dont clap!!!!

too many tuesday mornings

well its back to work once again. i fell asleep really early last night, and i guess that's good cause i feel pretty good this morning. a couple of my buddies form oregon are coming down this week to visit me and another of our friends over at USC. i went to highschool with these guys and it will be great to see them again. who knows how much excitement this week is going to be filled with. There are potential song of the day contenders in the works as i have just recieved a hot copy of a radiohead concert in Salamanca, Spain. they play a bunch of new stuff on it and i am excited to check it out. anyway, better get to work.

Monday, September 16, 2002

my mechanic is flying to Vienna

well it's going to be a bit before the benz is completely fixed. one of the bolts on my manifold has sheared off at some point. my oil is leaking!!! whaaa!!!!!! but those classy guys over at nowakado!! (norwalk auto to the layman) fixed me up good with some silcone and a full thing of oil, all for free. it should hold me over until i can get a couple hundred bucks to do the actual fix. maybe i will sell some of my assests...

i want some pizza. give it to me!! whaaa

shout outs

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listening to the pogues live from '91, drinking coffee and waiting for my next meeting to begin. my office is getting more and more lived in each week that goes by. i miss the old one quite a bit, but i wanna do some fun stuff with this one, i just have to decide what. i need donuts.

there is, as of now, no song of the day.....yet

Sunday, September 15, 2002


sunday bloody sunday. now i know my day has been nothing in comparison to that tragic day in Ireland, but it really has been one bloody lame day. i listened to justin puke for like an hour last night right as i was trying to go to sleep........that was a blast. the bathroom scared the crap out of me this morning and the house was a trash heap. i got up and went to church today but the whole way over i was stressing out about my car leaking so much oil. owning an old Benz really sucks when they need work. especially when i am poor. oh well, what can you do. i guess i am worrying a lot lately.

hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and will bring with it more interesting stuff for me to put on here. i feel really lame.
song of the day: airline to heaven, guthrie/wilco

Saturday, September 14, 2002

i decided it might be a good idea to try and get some of these things down. for you. for me, and for everyone else watching.

now go and listen to some rock'n'roll